Drum Lessons

Enjoy our collection of over 500 free drum lessons, including free lesson notation printouts. We add new drum lessons every Monday and Thursday designed to inspire your creativity and to help you develop your skills as a drummer.


Cross-Sticking Groove

In this lesson, Dawn demonstrates a rockin' cross-sticking groove that's both flashy and catchy.

Syncopated Stickin’ For Syncopated Fillin’

In this lesson, Dawn shares a hand pattern that explodes into some great sounding drum fill patterns.

Versatile Linear Drum Fill

Dawn shares a versatile linear fill pattern that can be moved around the kit to create an array of colorful grooves. Have fun experimenting with this groove!

Hello, I Love You – Mental 99 – Drum Lesson

Dawn Richardson shares the main groove from MENTAL 99's take on "Hello, I Love You" originally recorded by The Doors.

Block Rockin’ Beats – P.57, Groove 23

Dawn Richardson shares a groove from her book titled “Block Rockin' Beats” published by Mel Bay. In this groove, Dawn focuses on the “off beat” feel with the right stick keeping the “ands” going on the hi hat. The second measure includes some syncopated sixteenths on the hats.

Dirty Pink – Mental 99

Dawn Richardson shares her groove from “Dirty Pink” by Mental 99. In this groove, the right stick accents the 8th notes lightly. In other words, every other hi hat stroke stands out to create a groove feel. Dawn also plays this beat while holding a shaker with her right hand.

Mr. Reno – Drum Beat by Dawn Richardson

Dawn Richardson plays "Mr. Reno" by her group Mental 99 and breaks it down for your to play. Make sure you print out the accompanying sheet music. Check for new Dawn Richardson beats every Saturday!