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Publisher of OnlineDrummer.com, Alfred Publishing author and Drum! Magazine Groove Analysis video instructor, Nate holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education from John Carroll University in Cleveland, OH with graduate coursework in Education and Instructional Design and Technology.

A Slick Almost-Linear Build

This linear groove starts off with a simple, but great-sounding, pattern. Each bar adds to the previous bar to gradually fill out the beat.

Exploring the “& ah”

This lesson explores adding a syncopated crash on the "&" of beat 4.

Ever Fallen In Love – Pete Yorn

The full drum sheet music for Ever Fallen In Love by Pete Yorn from the Shrek 2 Soundtrack (2004).

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The ‘Motivation’ Challenge of Learning a Song

Perhaps the largest hurdle we face when learning a new song is that of motivation. Regardless of whether we're beginners or experienced players, motivation affects all of us. Learning anything new takes time, perseverance, and dedication — which all come to a standstill without proper motivation.

A Fun Build – 6 Beats

This fun group of six drum beats is a great way to begin your 2018. The audio sample below performs each beat four times before moving onto the next.

Love Rears Its Ugly Head – Living Colour

The full drum sheet music for Love Rears Its Ugly Head by Living Colour from the album Time's Up (1990).

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Identifying The Voices In Your Groove

The lesson takes a step back from the traditional format and explores the intricacies of music notation strategies. Learn the most preferred voice grouping techniques for the cleanest and clearest music notation.

Intro to All Along The Watchtower

This lesson explores the pickup and drum fills in the intro of All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix as well as some fun variations for around the kit.

Tom Groove – Should I Stay or Should I Go

This lesson explores the tom groove used in Should I Stay or Should I Go, including some ideas for re-orchestrating the rhythm around the cymbals.

Improvisation Workshop: Drum Fills

Do you have trouble making up drum fills on the fly? If so, you're not alone. A lot of drummers express difficulties and even anxiety when asked to do so. This lesson provides a template for practicing and developing your improvisational skills.

Carlock-Esque Ghosted Drum Beat – Scary!

Inspired by the funky, syncopated, ghost-stroke snare patterns immortalized by Keith Carlock, this groove will keep things moving.

Hi-Hat Fills? Why Not!?

This lesson strays from the common application of drum fills where toms and snare strokes are at the heart of the fill. By placing an emphasis on the hi-hat, a more subtle (but often effective) drum fill can emerge.

The Light – Disturbed

The full drum sheet music for The Light by Disturbed from the album Immortalized (2015).

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You Could Be Mine – Guns N Roses

The full drum sheet music for You Could Be Mine by Guns N Roses from the album Use Your Illusion II (1991).

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Drum Lesson - Extending The Drum Fillvideo

Extending the Drum Fill Ideas

Learn a simple technique to add some flare and pop to the end of your drum fills. This lesson explores 8 examples to help you get started with the technique.