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Two-Bar Explosive Drum Fill – 3 Doors Down Style

This dynamic drum fill is used in the song Here Without You by 3 Doors Down, leading into the second half of the bridge.

Adding Low-End with the Low Tom

This lesson explores two drum fill variations that incorporate the low tom in a syncopated, beat-style application.

Finding Your Hi-Hat Pulse

Learning to play new drum beats is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Many beginner to intermediate level drummers tend to play new drum beats at face value without further exploring ways to add their own personal touch to make the beat feel the way it needs to in order to meet their given situations.

Don’t Be Afraid. They’re Only Skeleton Fills.

Skeleton fills are a fun technique to explore. In this lesson, learn what a skeleton fill is, and enjoy a few examples to get you started.

John Bonham Triplet Technique from Kashmir

By starting the triplet fill on the third stroke of the triplet instead of the first, Bonham creates a hesitated, syncopated drum fill.  Learn this triplet technique used by John Bonham in the song Kashmir.

Drum Fills from Down Under

Learn some of the classic tom fills from the song Down Under by Men at Work.

Simple Power Fills – Charlie Watts Style

Charlie Watts uses simple yet powerful fills in Gimme Shelter. In this lesson, learn his technique and ways to easily make it your own.

Chad Smith Drum Fill – Give It Away

This lesson explores a drum fill played by Chad Smith in the outro section of the song Give It Away. Learn this extending-the-fill technique and some applications for around the drum kit.

Bang Bang – Drum Intro – Tom Groove Anyone?

Bang Bang is featured on Green Day's latest album Revolution Radio. This lesson explores the upbeat tom groove intro and punk, headbanging classic beat.

Grooves and Fills from Stars – Skillet

Jen Ledger uses a clever mixture of syncopation and power in her drum part on Stars. In this lesson, learn a few fills and grooves from the song and some ideas for incorporating them into your playing.

Laid-Back Chad Smith Lick

Learn an uncharacteristically laid-back Chad Smith lick used in the Chili Pepper song We Turn Red.

Steve Smith – On Green Dolphin Street

Steve Smith brings the Latin flavor to On Green Dolphin Street. Learn this great groove that keeps you moving around the kit in a fresh way.

What Is 5/8?

This lesson explores counting and playing 5/8 time as well as some ideas for incorporating 5/8 within common time and 6/8 grooves.

What Is 3/8?

This lesson explores how to count and play in the 3/8 time signature as well as some slick applications for incorporating 3/8 within common time and 6/8 grooves.

What Is 7/8?

Learn how to play in 7/8 time and some great techniques to keep your drumming brain sharp.




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