Latest Drum Lessons

Here Comes The Half-Time

You may not be familiar with the technical term half-time, but you probably have already recognized the unique feel of a half-time groove. Think of the songs Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin, Rosanna – Toto, and even more modern songs like Toxicity – System of a Down or The Phoenix – Fall Out Boy. They all use the half-time groove at some point within the song (or throughout the entire song).

Hat This Way

Borrowing from the classic and instantly recognizable intro groove from Walk The Way by Aerosmith, this lesson focuses on the concept of playing the open hi-hat on beat 1 of...

How Do You Backbeat?

Backbeats have a strong influence on the feel of your grooves. They can make your groove sound energetic, up, down, off, on, etc. This lesson explores different backbeat arrangements all...

Move It To The Snare

Moving your right stick to the snare instead of the hi-hat can produce a unique sounding groove. You can further develop the groove by moving the right stick back and...

What The Flam Fill?

The flam accent can make for some interestingly cool drum fills when you move it around the kit. This lesson explores some fun fills based on the flam accent.