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3/4 Drum Beats

A Slick Almost-Linear Build

This linear groove starts off with a simple, but great-sounding, pattern. Each bar adds to the previous bar to gradually fill out the beat.

A Fun Build – 6 Beats

This fun group of six drum beats is a great way to begin your 2018. The audio sample below performs each beat four times before moving onto the next.

Orchestrating a Syncopated Rhythm

Learn six drum fills based on the same rhythmic pattern. The re-orchestration technique allows you to create many drum fills with different flavors.

Heavy – Linkin Park – Chorus

"Heavy" is Linkin Park's first single from their recently released album, One More Light (2017).

War Ensemble – Slayer – Drum Break

"War Ensemble" is the first track on Slayer's sixth studio album, Seasons in the Abyss (1990). Smack bang in the middle of the song (2:12), drummer Dave Lombardo plays a furious two-measure drum break leading into the bridge section (see and listen above). In this lesson, we will isolate the three phrases that comprise the drum break; analyze and practice each one slowly before putting it all together.

Run – Foo Fighters

"Run" is the lead single from the Foo Fighters upcoming album, Concrete and Gold, due to be released in September 2017. The song features some simple-yet-effective hemiola patterns, a metric modulation and a complete feel change, all within the first sixty seconds.

Ride Bell Threes

The Ride Bell Threes beat uses groups of three ride cymbal strokes that overlap the bars. The ride is played on the bell on beats 1 and 3 to bring out the downbeats.

Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden – Bridge Groove

"Black Hole Sun" is Soundgarden's most popular song and is still one of the most loved songs of the '90s. It was written by frontman Chris Cornell, and released in 1994. The following year, the song won the award for the Best Hard Rock Performance at the Grammys.

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns n’ Roses – Interlude

"Welcome to the Jungle" was the second single from Guns n' Roses acclaimed debut album, Appetite for Destruction (1987).

Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin – 6-Over-4 Beat

This multi-layered pattern is heard in the latter part of most of the verses and during the outro of the song. It features a 6-over-4 rhythm, led by six evenly spaced ride bell notes played over the four primary beats. An accented snare stroke marks the mid-point of the bar (beat 3) and the hi-hat with foot sounds on beats 2 and 4.

Starboy – The Weeknd with Daft Punk

This groove is heard in the chorus of the song and features straight sixteenths on the hi-hat and head-nodding, infectious bass.

Paradiddle-diddle/Paradiddle Groove

This sixteenth note, tom-based groove is played with paradiddle-diddle and paradiddle stickings. It is designed to increase the player's flow around the kit using a combination of single and double strokes.

Heavydirtysoul – Twenty One Pilots

Heavydirtysoul is the sixth single from Twenty One Pilot's double-platinum selling album, Blurryface (2015).

Piano Man – Billy Joel

Piano Man, Billy Joel's signature song, was the singer's first single and his most popular song of all time. Although the drums appear low in the mix, drummer Ron Tutt plays a very dynamic and creative part. In this post, we will compare three of the beats used in the song and how the placement of the snare changes the feel.

Syncopated Sixteenths Rock Grooves

This syncopated groove plays the bass drum along with all of the sixteenth notes on the hi-hat. Be sure to play all of the hi-hat strokes with your right stick (or left with a left-handed setup).