Under The Bad Sheets

Check out these 5 things that major publishers are getting wrong.

The Lost Art of Coordination Building

Focusing your practice time on the right things can make you a much better drummer with long-term success.

5 Face-savers for a Gigging Drummer

As a teenager, I was hired for my first studio gig at a recording studio. I had acted cool about it during the hiring...

5 Ideas For More Productive Practice

Your slow progress may not be due to your lack of effort in the practice room. What's the saying? Perfect practice makes perfect. Here...

Drumsmiths Vol. 4 – Mayer Bros. : Boys and their toys

By Zack Albetta  Bring up just about any subject having to do with drums or music and Jack Mayer’s eyes light up. There are many...

Drumsmiths Vol. 3: Ford – “Have you driven a band lately?”

Learn about Ford drums and what brings their unique sound and look to life.

Drumsmiths Vol. 2 – TreeHouse: Rooted in sound & craft

Derek Sharp runs TreeHouse Drums literally and figuratively under his music store, Supersonic Music in Topeka, KS.

Drumsmiths Vol. 1: George Way – Drums from way back when

By Zack Albetta George Way drums are built in Delta, Canada by Ronn Dunnett, who acquired the company name in 2008 and put it under...

Family Matters

Many of us remember Family Matters, but how many remember the remarkable drum fills in the show's theme song?

The Theme From Cheers

We've notated the theme from Cheers. Take a stroll down memory lane.

The Secret ’60s Hit Regime – The Wrecking Crew

The 60s were the glory days for an elite group of studio musicians, dubbed The Wrecking Crew. However, this handful of remarkable musicians took the backseat, recording their amazing talent on thousands of tracks and then slapping other peoples' names on the album.

Different Drummer – Jeff Strong

After only a few gigs as a musician, youʼre bound to observe (unless your head is down or your eyes are closed) that rhythm affects...

How To Tune Drums

Learn the ins and outs of tuning drums to finally produce the sound you're looking for. Find insights into wood types, drum heads and complete video instruction for tuning drums.

Career Day: Why Does Doug Auwarter’s Phone Ring?

After decades in the Kansas City music scene, Doug Auwarter's phone continues to ring. Learn how to keep your phone ringing and the jobs rolling in.

The Craft: How Marketable Is Your Drumming?

In the fall of 2010, I moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles. I expected the move to be a challenge and to find myself in musical situations that were unlike anything I had ever done before. What I didn’t expect was a fundamental change in my approach to the drumset and my musical self-image—the realization that…