By Zack Albetta George Way drums are built in Delta, Canada by Ronn Dunnett, who acquired the company name in 2008 and put it under...

The 60s were the glory days for an elite group of studio musicians, dubbed The Wrecking Crew. However, this handful of remarkable musicians took the backseat, recording their amazing talent on thousands of tracks and then slapping other peoples' names on the album.

After only a few gigs as a musician, youʼre bound to observe (unless your head is down or your eyes are closed) that rhythm affects...

Learn the ins and outs of tuning drums to finally produce the sound you're looking for. Find insights into wood types, drum heads and complete video instruction for tuning drums.

After decades in the Kansas City music scene, Doug Auwarter's phone continues to ring. Learn how to keep your phone ringing and the jobs rolling in.

In the fall of 2010, I moved from Kansas City to Los Angeles. I expected the move to be a challenge and to find myself in musical situations that were unlike anything I had ever done before. What I didn’t expect was a fundamental change in my approach to the drumset and my musical self-image—the realization that…

San Diego Drum Lessons, in conjunction with Studio West and The Recording Arts Center, are very excited to announce the first annual San Diego...

Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan and Richie Kotzen of The Winery Dogs have announced Dog Camp, their first annual immersive program for aspiring musicians of all ages and levels, set for July...

Here is yet another page from the book. • Monday: Here the single paradiddle is displaced 3 times all within 2 measures. • Tuesday: Swung 8th notes are...

Thank you for your interest in the Morning Warm-Ups blog. I'm having a lot of fun writing these, and I hope you're finding it...

No hurricanes, flooding, or earthquakes to report, but it seems like it's been 115 degrees every day the last month or so in Phoenix....

Pat Petrillo has decided to leave the faculty at Drummers Collective in NY with the determination of launching his next big thing --

It's time to vote for the 2013 Drummies! Awards. We've won runner-up the past 3 years and want to make every effort to bring home the gold this year.

Don't miss your chance this December to win an autographed copy of Dawn Richardson's Block Rockin' Beats

Enter the Roland V-Drum Championships today! Owning a V-Drum is not necessary to enter.


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