Foot Refrain Drum Fills & Solo Concept

These drum fills are played over a hi-hat and bass drum refrain, keeping the time and holding the fills together.

Snare Based Grooves

These grooves use the snare drum to carry the beat. Accents, rimshots, and diddle strokes add dynamics and articulation to bring the grooves to life.

The Way of the Hi-Hat

Hi-hat patterns and articulations can change the feel of a groove entirely. Because of this, it's important to recognize the feel your hi-hat patterns create — and to use that knowledge to choose hi-hat patterns that match the feel of the song.

Layering a Groove

Today's Tuesday beat takes a foundational groove and gradually add layers to fill out the groove.

Have a 6/8 Weekend

Enjoy four patterns in 6/8 along with some drum fill ideas. The first two drum fills are straightforward while the third and fourth explore syncopated crashes.

A Slick Almost-Linear Build

This linear groove starts off with a simple, but great-sounding, pattern. Each bar adds to the previous bar to gradually fill out the beat.

A Fun Build – 6 Beats

This fun group of six drum beats is a great way to begin your 2018. The audio sample below performs each beat four times before moving onto the next.

Carlock-Esque Ghosted Drum Beat – Scary!

Inspired by the funky, syncopated, ghost-stroke snare patterns immortalized by Keith Carlock, this groove will keep things moving.

Orchestrating a Syncopated Rhythm

Learn six drum fills based on the same rhythmic pattern. The re-orchestration technique allows you to create many drum fills with different flavors.

War Ensemble – Slayer – Drum Break

"War Ensemble" is the first track on Slayer's sixth studio album, Seasons in the Abyss (1990). Smack bang in the middle of the song (2:12), drummer Dave Lombardo plays a furious two-measure drum break leading into the bridge section (see and listen above). In this lesson, we will isolate the three phrases that comprise the drum break; analyze and practice each one slowly before putting it all together.

Crash Fills

Drum fills are often comprised of a lot of drums, but adding some crashes into your drum fills can produce a great result.

Moving Hands – Simple Drum Fill Technique

The Moving Hands technique is a simple way to create a drum fill by playing the same drum beat while moving your hands around the toms.

Hi-Hat Techniques from Closer

Learn the main drum beat from the song Closer by The Chainsmokers.

Starboy – The Weeknd with Daft Punk

This groove is heard in the chorus of the song and features straight sixteenths on the hi-hat and head-nodding, infectious bass.

I Don’t Wanna Live Forever – Verse Beat

Learn the groove from the verse of I Don't Wanna Live Forever -- taken from where Taylor Swift is singing.