Heavydirtysoul – Twenty One Pilots

Heavydirtysoul is the sixth single from Twenty One Pilot's double-platinum selling album, Blurryface (2015).

Piano Man – Billy Joel

Piano Man, Billy Joel's signature song, was the singer's first single and his most popular song of all time. Although the drums appear low in the mix, drummer Ron Tutt plays a very dynamic and creative part. In this post, we will compare three of the beats used in the song and how the placement of the snare changes the feel.

Syncopated Sixteenths Rock Grooves

This syncopated groove plays the bass drum along with all of the sixteenth notes on the hi-hat. Be sure to play all of the hi-hat strokes with your right stick (or left with a left-handed setup).

Walk – Pantera – Chorus

"Walk" is a popular, hard rocking single from Panera's sixth album, Vulgar Display of Power (1992).

Last Goodbye – Jeff Buckley

"Last Goodbye" was Jeff Buckley's most commercially successful original song – which featured on his critically acclaimed debut album, Grace (1994).

Hesitated Sixteenths

The rests in this funky groove give it a hesitated feel. The second bar gives the impression of odd timing as the backbeat displaces. Be sure to use alternating sticking on the hi-hat.

Welcome Home (Sanitarium) – Metallica – Verse

Welcome Home (Sanitarium) is a slow, dynamic song featured on Metallica's classic album, Master of Puppets (1986).

Go Go Beat Variation

Learn this slick variation in the Go-Go Beat style.

Brace – Birds of Tokyo – Verse

"Brace" is the title track from Birds of Tokyo's latest album—released in November 2016.

Nobody’s Fault but Mine – Led Zeppelin

"Nobody's Fault but Mine" is a blues cover included on Led Zeppelin's 1976 album, Presence.

Atavachron – Allan Holdsworth Style

"Atavachron" is the title track from Allan Holdsworth's classic fusion album, released in 1986. It was his first album which featured the SynthAxe — a guitar-like MIDI controller.

Poor Tom – Led Zeppelin

"Poor Tom" was recorded in 1970, yet was not included on the Led Zeppelin III album. It was finally released 12 years later on the Coda album, two years after John Bonham's death.

Lesson 33 Groove

This groove's hand pattern is based off the ubiquitous lesson #33 from George Lawrence Stone's book, Stick Control.

Rockin’ the Open Hi-Hat

Workout your hi-hat foot with this up-beat rock groove layered with a unique open hi-hat pattern.

Tear in My Heart – Twenty One Pilots – Verse Beat

This two-measure figure is played several times in the verse sections of Twenty One Pilot's 2015 hit, Tear in My Heart.