Travis Barker Latin Drum Beat – ‘Dysentery Gary’

For this week's drum lesson we return to the track 'Dysentery Gary', an early Blink 182 track with a cracking little latin groove in the pre-chorus. The groove has an up tempo bossa nova vibe, with right hand alternating between the bell and the ride, and the right foot playing the classic samba pattern.

Travis Barker Drum Beat – ‘Dysentery Gary’ Blink 182

I have attempted to breakdown the opening groove from the Blink 182 track Dysentery Gary, drummed by Travis Barker. For the sake of teaching this beat, I have crammed all the notes into a single measure and will be using 16th and 8th notes as opposed to two bars of 8th and quarter notes.

Travis Barker Technique – Feeling This

Learn the techniques that Barker borrowed from John Bonham and the creative way he incorporated them into the groove for Feeling This.

Cool Punk, Rock Drum Beat Orchestration – Drum Lesson #239

For this week's lesson, we have got a cool rock groove on the toms. We start off by learning both bars between the kick, snare and hi hat and then orchestrate the idea around the toms.

Jungle Groove – Like Suicide – Soundgarden

Tribal-esque grooves are a great way to add a mysterious layer of anticipation to a song. In this lesson, learn how this technique was used in Like Suicide by Soundgarden and some techniques for creating your own tribal-sounding grooves.

Drum Technique in a Bottle

Learn the tom-layering technique used by Stewart Copeland in the classic hit Message in a Bottle.

Cool Funky Hip Hop Drum Beat – Intermediate Drum Lesson #236

For this week's lesson we have got a tricky little groove with a hip hop vibe. We start off with a cool 4/4 beat with some nice ghost notes and then layer an alternative hi hat ostinato over the top.

Borrowing Smooth Santana Beat

Learn a great rock and Latin fused drum beat from the song Smooth by Santana.

Epic 12/8 (or 6/8) Drum Beat & Drum Fill For Beginners & Intermediates

For this week's drum lesson we have got a cracking 12/8 groove and fill for beginner to intermediate level players. The faster you play it the harder it becomes. However, this combo of beat and lick will sound great at almost any tempo.

Simple Man – Intro & Verse Beat

Learn the intro and main verse beat used by Bob Burns in the song Simple Man.

Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay – Groove

Learn the main groove used by Will Champion in the song Adventure of a Lifetime.

Fun with the Herlin Riley Polyrhythm

This week we explore the concept of polyrhythms by examining Herlin Riley's techniques.

Intermediate Groove & Drum Fill

For this week's lesson we have got a cool groove and drum fill for intermediate level players. The beat has got a displaced snare on the 'a' of beat 1, giving it a cool feel, and the fill is made up of hertas and 32nd notes.

Sober’s Verse Groove Technique

Learn the groove and technique used by Danny Carey throughout the intro and verses of Sober by Tool.

Drum Beat from Demons

Learn the main groove from the song Demons by Imagine Dragons and some ideas for exploring the technique.


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