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Drum Beat Lessons

Basic Jazz Beats


In this weeks lesson we have a go at a basic jazz exercise. This lesson is for drummers who are just starting out at learning a bit of jazz and this video looks at a cool 8 bar pattern I have put together to help with some basic independence and getting your first jazzy grooves down.

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32nd Note Drum Fill Idea


In this week's lesson we have got a tough 32nd note drum fill for intermediate and advanced players. The fill consists of lots of ghosted double strokes, heavy accents and some quick kick drums. It works well with most 4/4 grooves and sounds great when played at a fast tempo.

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Kick Drum Speed/Tom Groove


In this weeks lesson we have got a tough little workout for your kick drum foot. This is going to help improve technique, increase foot speed and sound pretty cool too! The pattern is played between the hands and the feet in a sextuplet or 16th note triplet rhythm. Give it a go and let me know how you get on!

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Intermediate Ride Cymbal Groove

Bell End

In this weeks lesson we are going to spice up our grooves by playing the bell of the ride cymbal on the '&' of each 8th note, as well as getting our hi-hat foot stepping on each of the 1/4 notes. The lesson is based on a simple drum beat with some kicks and snares falling between the ride pattern.

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