Warm Ups


Sixteenth-Note Triplet Fills and Exercises

These exercises serve as a great workout for improving coordination, dexterity, and timing around the kit. They also make unique-sounding, punchy drum fills to use within your own playing.

Flamtastic Practice Pad Exercise

For this week's lesson I have put together an 8 measure practice pad sequence that utilizes the flam in a number of different ways. There are three sticking patterns to practice that include the flam tap, flam triplets, etc. As well as the practice pad, the sequence will also sound great when played on the drum kit.


Learn a great practice pad exercise to help build your double strokes in both hands.

Cool Paradiddle Practice Pad Exercise

For this week's lesson we have got a fun little paradiddle workout on the practice pad. The exercise consists of 3 sticking patterns in which we add two extra notes, one of them being an accent after every sequence to give us a fun and unique way to create equality between the hands.

Put this Warm-up in Your Grooves

One of my favorite go-to warm-ups, this pattern can also double as a slick technique to use within your drum beats.

Fuller Motion Drum Set Warm-up

Learn a drum set warm-up designed to get a fuller range of motion.

Single Bass Pedal Exercises

I receive a lot of questions asking for ways to help unlock the hi-hat hand from the bass drum foot. The answer is – repetition. The more you play these types of patterns, the easier it will be to keep consistent hi-hat strokes while playing 16th notes on the bass drum.

6/8 Tom Groove & Kick Drum Workout

In this weeks lesson we have got a 6/8 drum beat on the toms that is going to double up as a kick drum exercise.

Practice Pad Workout – For Developing Hand Speed

In this weeks lesson we have got fun little workout for our hands on the practice pad. The aim is to improve hand speed and promote good technique with the fingers, while learning a cool pattern that will sound great when applied to the kit.

Winter Warmups – Brain Workouts For Behind The Kit

In this lesson, learn a couple warmups that challenge you both physically and mentally to get the juices flowing!
Alfred's Beginning Workbook For Snare Drum
Chart-Topping Drum Fills

Double Stroke Pad Exercise

Drummer Todd Walker performing a lesson using a basic practice pad exercise with,"Double Strokes" within three note value. (Eighth Notes, Eighth Note Triplets & Sixteenths).

Paradiddle Practice Pad Workout

In this weeks lesson I am going to show you how to play a 4 bar/measure combination of paradiddles . It is a fun little exercise I have put together for you to have a go at on your practice pad.

Warmup #1 with Mike Klee

This is a progressions of exercises designed to give your hands a gradual warmup before practicing or a gig. Sheet music is included in the video so just grab the pad, turn on the video, and get cookin'! You will have it memorized by just a few times through. Enjoy!

The Paradiddle Tree

John X teaches the Paradiddle Tree rudimental workout. Apply these rudiments around the kit for great sounding grooves.
You can purchase John X's Lesson Transcription PDFs at his site.

876 Warm-Up

Learn a quick warm-up to help loosen up the wrists, speed up your hands and strengthen your drumming mind.