Family Matters

Many of us remember Family Matters, but how many remember the remarkable drum fills in the show's theme song?

The Theme From Cheers

We've notated the theme from Cheers. Take a stroll down memory lane.

Ricky Syers D-Rail Station

We've notated the slick linear groove played by Ricky Syers at D-Rail Station. These little drums carry a big beat.

Dave Grohl – Advice On Being a Successful Musician

Dave Grohl gives his honest advice about how to become a successful musician. Caution, profanity.

Mark Guiliana – Making Acoustic Drums Sound Electronic

Turning the tables: drummer and composer Mark Guiliana (Brad Mehldau, David Bowie, Meshell Ndegeocello) walks us through a some tips and tricks for emulating drum samples on an acoustic set. From preparing the snare drum with a cymbal to deadening the floor tom with a cut-out head; these are just a couple of ideas to inspire you to create new sounds with your acoustic set.

Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters cover by Rockin 1000 – Official Video

1000 musicians perform Learn to Fly by Foo Fighters to request that Dave Grohl brings the Foos to play in Cesena, Italy.

What Does a Drummer’s Brain Look Like?

An interesting clip that explains what goes on in between your ears when you play the drums.

Anika Nilles – Synergy

As well as delivering an incredible drumming performance, Anika Nilles wrote and produced the music for Synergy.

Drums Around the World – Aric Improta

In this clip, Aric Improta plays on a variety of urban surfaces such as fences, tree trunks and pavements in 17 different countries.

Jeff Ocheltree – Bonham Setup

In this excerpt from Jeff Ocheltree's DVD, Trust Your Ears, Jeff talks about John Bonham's setup, tuning and mic technique. It also includes a performance on Bonham's green sparkle kit at the end of the video.

The Brush Master: Clayton Cameron at TEDx

"For music, love music. For rhythm, listen to life". Brush Master, Clayton Cameron, walks us through the sounds of the last century; demonstrating techniques that have influenced him personally and contributed to the evolution of brush work as an art form.

Ants by edIT – Jeremie Foster

Jeremie Foster improvises a rapid-fire cypher to the song Ants by edIT. Check out his eye-popping stick tricks!

Keith Carlock – Drum Solo – MD Festival 2005

Keith Carlock, known for his work with diverse acts including: Steely Dan, John Mayer, Chris Botti, Wayne Krantz and Toto; performs an impassioned improvised solo.

How To Play Fast – Advanced Double Bass Techniques

Want to play single strokes with your feet at warp speed? Eugene R. talks about the mindset needed to achieve your speed goals, then demonstrates some techniques that helped him achieve hummingbird feet.

Foo Fighters Lets Fan Play Drums – Big Me

Last Thursday at a Foo Fighters concert in Toronto, frontman Dave Grohl spotted a fan with sign saying that he wanted to play drums with the band on his birthday. Grohl, granted his wish with a warning: If you suck on the drums, I will personally tar and feather your a** backstage."


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