Anika Nilles – Synergy

As well as delivering an incredible drumming performance, Anika Nilles wrote and produced the music for Synergy.

Keith Carlock – Drum Solo – MD Festival 2005

Keith Carlock, known for his work with diverse acts including: Steely Dan, John Mayer, Chris Botti, Wayne Krantz and Toto; performs an impassioned improvised solo.

Dave Weckl – Performance Spotlight

Dave Weckl plays an inspiring solo infused with latin, jazz and funk elements (2012).

How to Play Polyrhythms – Eugene R. and Peter

Eugene and Peter explore polyrhythmic concepts and offer some interesting ways to put them into practice. A must watch for Djent fans!

Aaron Spears – Dynamics

Aaron Spears demonstrates how he adjusts his playing volume from 'stadium level' to 'small room' level without losing intensity.

Steve Smith and Jojo Mayer – Drum Battle!

Steve Smith and Jojo Mayer are two INCREDIBLE drummers with very different styles. So, what happens when you put them together in front of the camera? Check it out for yourself!

I Burn For You – Sting feat. Omar Hakim

Omar Hakim took the roof off the concert hall with an intense drum solo on his first night with Sting's first solo project (1985).

Chick Corea with Vinnie Colaiuta – Tumba (1992)

Chick Corea's trio improvises on the latin/fusion tune, Tumba, at The Blue Note in Tokyo (1992).

Virgil Donati – Solo

Drum solo by Virgil Donati with screen projections from multiple camera angles.

Tony Royster Jr. – Drummer’s Odyssey

Tony tells the story of how his talent for drumming was noticed when he was only three years old. The drumming sections feature an interesting first-person camera angle.

Anika Nilles’ Quintuplet Exercise – Part 1

Polyrhythmic champion, Anika Nilles, demonstrates shifting accents in a quintuple subdivision (5 notes per beat). A great brain/hand exercise for anyone wanting to develop their polyrhythmic skills.

Gavin Harrison – Spicing Up Your Fills with Double Bass

Gavin demonstrates a simple approach to spicing up fills using a double bass drum pedal.

Anika Nilles – Alter Ego

Anika Nilles, an amazing drummer from Germany, demonstrates the chops and musicality that took her to the 2014 Hit Like A Girl finals. She really takes drum videos to the next level!

Jeff Porcaro Masterclass – 1986

Jeff discusses his background, harnessing nervous energy, studio and live work, electric vs. acoustic drums, negotiating fair pay, his ambivalent relationship with shuffles and much more. Great advice for up and coming drummers. Which is your favourite pearl of wisdom?

Matt Garstka – Animals As Leaders – Live Medley

Close up footage of Matt playing a medley of Animals As Leaders tunes. Modern Jazz/Fusion at its finest!


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