Anika Nilles – Synergy

As well as delivering an incredible drumming performance, Anika Nilles wrote and produced the music for Synergy.

The Brush Master: Clayton Cameron at TEDx

"For music, love music. For rhythm, listen to life". Brush Master, Clayton Cameron, walks us through the sounds of the last century; demonstrating techniques that have influenced him personally and contributed to the evolution of brush work as an art form.

Ants by edIT – Jeremie Foster

Jeremie Foster improvises a rapid-fire cypher to the song Ants by edIT. Check out his eye-popping stick tricks!

Keith Carlock – Drum Solo – MD Festival 2005

Keith Carlock, known for his work with diverse acts including: Steely Dan, John Mayer, Chris Botti, Wayne Krantz and Toto; performs an impassioned improvised solo.

Dave Weckl – Performance Spotlight

Dave Weckl plays an inspiring solo infused with latin, jazz and funk elements (2012).

Benny Greb – Improvising & Musicality

Benny discusses and demonstrates some key elements in improvisation: dynamic contrast, repetition with variation, as well as knowing what to play, how to play it and and why.

Steve Smith and Jojo Mayer – Drum Battle!

Steve Smith and Jojo Mayer are two INCREDIBLE drummers with very different styles. So, what happens when you put them together in front of the camera? Check it out for yourself!

I Burn For You – Sting feat. Omar Hakim

Omar Hakim took the roof off the concert hall with an intense drum solo on his first night with Sting's first solo project (1985).

Chick Corea with Vinnie Colaiuta – Tumba (1992)

Chick Corea's trio improvises on the latin/fusion tune, Tumba, at The Blue Note in Tokyo (1992).

Ari Hoenig – Variations On Billie’s Bounce

Ari Hoenig demonstrates his unique, melodic approach to 'shifting metric gears' on Billie's Bounce, Charlie Parker's classic 12 bar blues.

Buddy Rich – Why He Doesn’t Use Matched Grip

In the last few decades, matched grip has become the more popular way to hold drum sticks. In this clip, Buddy Rich explains and demonstrates the merits of traditional grip.

Chris Coleman – Solo NAMM 2011

Chris Coleman improvises a dynamic solo in a compound meter. He regularly emphesizes the eighth note immediately following the primary pulse - not often heard in Western music.

Lee Pearson – Creative, Skilful and Humorous Solo

Some drummers play amazing solos that drop the jaws of other musicians, but leave the rest of the audience cold. Lee Pearson combines a high level of creativity, skill and humour offering something for everyone.

Tony Williams Up-Tempo Swing – Miles Davis Quintet

Rare footage of Tony Williams inimitable up-tempo technique on 'I Fall in Love Too Easily' with the Miles Davis Quintet (1967). "Double-time swing" - doing it right!

Anika Nilles’ Quintuplet Exercise – Part 1

Polyrhythmic champion, Anika Nilles, demonstrates shifting accents in a quintuple subdivision (5 notes per beat). A great brain/hand exercise for anyone wanting to develop their polyrhythmic skills.


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