Cool Tom Groove – Beginner/Intermediate – PDF

This tom groove lesson sheet accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson. Enjoy!

Getting Started: Alternating 16th Note Beats

This lesson sheet presents some great beginner grooves to work on your alternating 16th note technique.

Valentine’s Day Tom Groove

This lesson sheet accompanies the video lesson demonstrating the intro tom groove from Valentine's Day.

Simple Triplet Embellishments – PDF

Enjoy this simple way to embellish your grooves today.

New Sounds – Lesson Sheet PDF

This lesson sheet explores a creative technique for drum set playing. Be sure to watch the accompanying video lesson for explanations and a demonstration.

Cool & Simple Linear Beat & Fill – PDF

Alex brings us another fun linear beat and fill drum lesson. Be sure to check out his accompanying video walking you through these grooves.

The E’s and Ah’s of Drum Fills – PDF

The drum fills below emphasize the “E's” and “Ah's” by using the bass drum and the snare drum. Naturally, these drums stand out more because of the snare drum's attack and the bass drum's thump. Each of these fills have the bass drum on the “E,” and then the snare drum on the “Ah.” The third example places both of the first two fills together into a full-measure drum fill. For those of you linear fans, these fills are also considered linear fills because no two drums play together.

Here Comes The Half-Time – PDF

In this lesson I want to focus on a recent chart-topping hit: The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy.

How Do You Backbeat – PDF

This sheet explores different backbeat concepts. Backbeats have a strong influence on the feel of the groove. Use these rhythms to learn the feel of each particular backbeat.

Accents On The Hi Hat Workout – PDF

Alex brings us some accented hi-hat patterns to put a little spice on your sixteenth-note hi-hat beats. Be sure to check out the accompanying video lesson for video explanations and samples.

Shut Up and Dance – Excerpt

This sheet accompanies Nate Brown's video lesson teaching the chorus groove and a couple fills from this current hit.

Come As You Are – Sample Excerpt

This sheet is an excerpt from Steve Ley's full drum sheet music and accompanies Nate Brown's video lesson teaching these grooves along with some ideas for adapting them.

The Most Common Non-Common Time Signatures – PDF

This sheet presents some of the most common, non-common (i.e. non 4/4) time signatures with some groove and fills to get you started.

4 Bars Of Fun – Hip Hop- Kick Drum PDF

This sheet music focuses on bass drum foot development in the context of sixteenth notes. Enjoy these 4 bars of hip hop and watch the accompanying video drum lesson.

Four Strokes To Fill – PDF

This sheet music accompanies Nate Brown's video lesson exploring ways to apply the four-stroke ruff to your grooves and fills.