The Pad – Exercise 10 – The Diddles

This week's pad exercise is the last of the The Pad series and focuses on diddles.

The Pad – Exercise 9: Ghosts

This weekend is Halloween. It's only fitting that this week's pad exercise focuses on ghost strokes.

The Pad – Exercise 8: Toughing Through The 5s

Quintuplets (groups of 5 notes) can be tough to evenly space in a beat. This exercise focuses on the 5s.

The Pad – Exercise 7: Two Surfaces

This week's The Pad exercise takes the sticks to two surfaces.

The Pad – Exercise 6: Flam Chops

This week, we're tackling the flam. Here are some fun flam exercises to build your flam chops.

The Pad – Exercise 5

Our 5th The Pad Exercise concentrates on syncopation. Appreciate those Es and Ahs!

The Pad – Exercise 4

The fourth edition of our The Pad exercises focuses on accenting while using alternating sticking.

The Pad – Exercise 3

Being the third edition of our The Pad exercises, I see it only fitting to focus on the threes this week -- Triplets!

The Pad – Exercise 2

The second of our series of Practice Pad Exercises, this pad workout focuses on double strokes.

The Pad – Exercise 1

The first of a series of Practice Pad exercises designed to build speed, control and coordination when you're away from the kit. Get down to the basics!

Fast, Fun Hand Speed Exercises PDF

This lesson PDF accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson teaching some great sixteenth-note triplet exercises for the kit.

Stick Control Book Applications – Lesson 3

Lesson 3 of Patrick's Stick Control applications for the drum set.

Stick Control Book Applications – Lesson 2

The second lesson of the stick control applications, this week's exercise explores #24 from the famous Stick Control book.

Stick Control Book Applications – Lesson 1

This week, Patrick takes exercises from the ubiquitous Stick Control drum book and moves them around the kit. This lesson focuses on sticking #24.

Four Limbs Independence Exercises 6

In this week's exercise, Patrick lays out some diagonal left-hand/right-foot vs right-hand/left-foot coordination exercises. Free your limbs!