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The Pad – Exercise 10 – The Diddles

This week's pad exercise is the last of the The Pad series and focuses on diddles.

The Pad – Exercise 9: Ghosts

This weekend is Halloween. It's only fitting that this week's pad exercise focuses on ghost strokes.

The Pad – Exercise 8: Toughing Through The 5s

Quintuplets (groups of 5 notes) can be tough to evenly space in a beat. This exercise focuses on the 5s.

The Pad – Exercise 7: Two Surfaces

This week's The Pad exercise takes the sticks to two surfaces.

The Pad – Exercise 6: Flam Chops

This week, we're tackling the flam. Here are some fun flam exercises to build your flam chops.

The Pad – Exercise 5

Our 5th The Pad Exercise concentrates on syncopation. Appreciate those Es and Ahs!

The Pad – Exercise 4

The fourth edition of our The Pad exercises focuses on accenting while using alternating sticking.

The Pad – Exercise 3

Being the third edition of our The Pad exercises, I see it only fitting to focus on the threes this week -- Triplets!

The Pad – Exercise 2

The second of our series of Practice Pad Exercises, this pad workout focuses on double strokes.

The Pad – Exercise 1

The first of a series of Practice Pad exercises designed to build speed, control and coordination when you're away from the kit. Get down to the basics!

Stick Control Book Applications – Lesson 3

Lesson 3 of Patrick's Stick Control applications for the drum set.

Stick Control Book Applications – Lesson 2

The second lesson of the stick control applications, this week's exercise explores #24 from the famous Stick Control book.

Stick Control Book Applications – Lesson 1

This week, Patrick takes exercises from the ubiquitous Stick Control drum book and moves them around the kit. This lesson focuses on sticking #24.

Four Limbs Independence Exercises 6

In this week's exercise, Patrick lays out some diagonal left-hand/right-foot vs right-hand/left-foot coordination exercises. Free your limbs!

Four Limbs Independence Exercises 5

Continue freeing your independence with Patrick's fifth exercise in the Four Limbs Independence series.