Eighths And Sixteenths – Snare Solo

This piece is designed to be used as sight reading practice and uses only combinations of quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes (and rests).

The Unmarch – Snare Drum Solo

This snare drum solo is in 7/8 odd-time, making it quite "un-march-able."

Rain Man – Snare Solo

Get down with your flams with this dynamic snare drum solo.

Three Twang – Snare Solo

Enjoy this snare drum solo in 3/4 time.

Roll It Out – Snare Drum Solo

As the title implies, this snare solo is all about the rolls.

Space-A-Diddle – Snare Drum Solo

Space out your paradiddles and double paradiddles with this uniquely 'rested' snare drum solo.

Six Ate Seven – Snare Drum Solo

Six Ate Seven mixes sections of 6/8 with a single bar of 7/8 and is based with the flam accent rudiment.

The Pad – Exercise 5

Our 5th The Pad Exercise concentrates on syncopation. Appreciate those Es and Ahs!

The Pad – Exercise 3

Being the third edition of our The Pad exercises, I see it only fitting to focus on the threes this week -- Triplets!

The Pad – Exercise 2

The second of our series of Practice Pad Exercises, this pad workout focuses on double strokes.

The Pad – Exercise 1

The first of a series of Practice Pad exercises designed to build speed, control and coordination when you're away from the kit. Get down to the basics!

Too Much Left

This snare drum solo gives the left hand a workout. If you're left handed, reverse the sticking to give your weaker hand a workout.

Triplet This – Snare Solo

This piece will give you a workout with 16th note triplets and accents. We've provided audio play-alongs at varying speeds to make learning and practicing this piece easier.

Double Trouble – Snare Solo

This snare solo gives your double strokes a workout. Watch the sticking at measure 11 as the double stroke becomes inverted. Work out those doubles!

Go-four – Snare Solo

This snare drum solo gives your sixteenth-note and eighth-note patterns a workout with an emphasis on dynamics to bring this piece to life.