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Thursday Drum Lessons


Intermediate to Advanced Drum Lick

Happy New Year drummers! For the first lesson of the year, we've got a two-part drum fill lesson for intermediate to advanced players.

How To Play ‘Song 2’ By Blur

This lesson takes a look at the verse and chorus and drum beats from the 90s Indie Rock classic Song 2 by Blur.

Steve Gadd Inspired Drum Beat

Inspired by Steve Gadd's unique drumming style, this lesson explores a sweet two-measure groove with some 32nd-note double stroke combinations between the hands and feet.

Cool Two-Bar Drum Break – Sextuplets

This week, we develop the idea presented in last week's practice pad pattern by orchestrating it around the drum kit.

Sextuplets With Accents Practice Pad Exercise

In this lesson, we take the sticks to the practice pad utilizing the six-stroke roll (R l l r r L) as well as some three-note sticking patterns (R l l, r r L).

Fast, Fun Intermediate Drum Beat

Learn a fun, fast groove perfect for intermediate drummers.

Slick 32nd Note Drum Lick

This lesson explores a linear, 32nd-note drum fill for intermediate to advanced drummers.

How To Play ‘Feeling This’ Intro – Blink 182 – Travis Barker

This lesson breaks down the intro groove to Feeling This by Blink 182. The drum beat is 'four bars of fun' and interesting sticking patterns some obvious influences from Led Zeppelin's John Bonham.

Funky Drum Beat On The Toms – Intermediate

This lesson explores a funky drum beat on the toms. Aimed at intermediate-level drummers, the groove consists of a single stroke sticking around the kit with some choked hi-hat stabs, sixteenth-note triplets, and some thirty-second notes.

Epic Groove With Latin Roots

For this week's lesson we have got a great sounding two measure groove with a latin style feel to it. The beat has a very percussive vibe, with the left hand moving swiftly between the snare, hats and high tom, while the right had plays between the bell and the ride with 8th notes.

A Quick, Fun Linear Drum Lick

Combining 32nd notes and 16th notes, in this lesson we'll create a fun, linear drum fill great for any level of player.

Sick Drum Beat – Rock, Funk, Pop

This lesson explores a cracking two-measure drum beat with a kick and hi-hat "3 over 4" pattern and the classic 2, 4 backbeat.

Tasty Intermediate – Advanced Drum Lick

This lesson builds upon last week's Thursday lesson by adding an extra measure of a more dynamic and complex sticking pattern to "buff" it up to a more advanced-level drum fill.

Tasty Intermediate Drum Lick

This lesson explore a single-measure drum fill aimed at intermediate level drummers. This sweet drum lick incorporates a herta sticking pattern, choked hi-hats and some solid sixteenth notes. It's a great drum fill for a one bar show off break.

Killer Paradiddle Groove and Drum Lick

Learn a great two-measure lick made up of paradiddle-style sticking patterns.