Accented Six-Stroke Roll Techniques


We've teamed up with Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, CA to bring you lessons from the staff each month throughout Spring 2017. In this lesson, Stewart Jean (Drum Program Chair at MI), demonstrates unique accent exercises applied to the six-stroke-roll.


Developing solid hand technique is something many students of the drums struggle with. It takes time, commitment and dedication, but the end result is worth the effort as your hand technique translates directly to your drum set playing. The lesson notation PDF above (courtesy of the Drum Program at Musicians Institute) includes ideas for re-orchestrating the six-stroke-roll around the kit with varying rhythmic applications. Be sure to begin this exercise slowly, and gradually increase your speed while maintaining clean strokes.

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Stewart Jean
Drum Program Chair at Musicians Institute, Stewart Jean studied at the University of Miami and received a Bachelor of Music in Studio Music and Jazz, which included studies with Steve Rucker and Steve Bagby. Stewart’s performing credits include Raul Midon, Jimmy Buffett, Mike Utley, Bo Diddley, Tony Kaye, Ben Vereen, Lucky Peterson, Preston Smith, Ellis Hall, Sam Moore and Betty Wright, to name a few. He has recorded for various artists on the Sony and Columbia labels and can be heard on the soundtrack for the film Contact. Most recently Stewart has recorded a few singles with L. E. Kepple for Moho Productions.