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  2. I got my hands on the new Axis E3 Bass drum triggers. Tested them out with some singles and heel toe. These things are impressive. No false triggers or misses after setting up. https://youtu.be/3HblBh8iK5w
  3. Nice You had great shoes to fill: Mr. Gadd on the original
  4. Hi guys! That Video is a little tribute for one of the best Jazz Singer of all Time. This Drum & Cover I did it with my friend and bassist player, Alessandro Simeoni. I hope you like it! Please check my channel to watch more videos!
  5. Hey guys! It's been awhile since I posted a video so here it is. It's a chilled one, and I kept it very basic. Let me know your thoughts
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  7. Rogers 16 inch floor tom, what can you tell me?

    Do you still have the pearl kick Drum? If so could you contact me at 5172560834.
  8. Here is how blast beats look from 180BPM to 260BPM,. or 257 if you want to get technical. (I messed up the metronome) I made this in response to the people fighting in the Facebook drum forums about blasting at 300 BPM. 260 is already insane (I can't pull it off at all), 300 is possible by a few guys which I do see, but when referring to speed, it's 16th notes, with both hands if you ask me. I think my personal limit is 230/235 to keep it clean and play for a long period. Making this video I also realized 180 and 190 were difficult speeds to blast at as I never play in that range.I play mostly between 210 and 240 so 250-260 is really pushing it for me and kind of sloppy. The bass drum is triggered as I am using heel toe and the toms have a terrible EQ on them. Almost no attack. Not sure what I did there. https://youtu.be/u8XK9BorWcs
  9. RIP Leon "Ndugu" Chancler

    Here's a pic I took of Nate when we met him and David Weckle at PASIC 2007. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_"Ndugu"_Chancler
  10. At the London drum show I saw a sort of wooden cage that sits over a practice pad and forces your roll strokes to follow a vertical consistent path. I'm trying to find one, as, as I try and increase my single roll speed, I notice my left hand start to weave! However I can't for the life of me think what it was called, and so am having no joy googling! Does anyone know what I am talking about If anyone does, has anyone used one of these gizmos and found it useful or useless???
  11. Hi guys! This is the Full Video of the Drum & Bass Cover of a song by John Mayer, I did it with my friend and bassist player, Alessandro Simeoni. I hope you like it! Please check my channel to watch more videos!
  12. Hi guys! This is the Full Video of the Drum & Bass Cover of a song by John Mayer, I did it with my friend and bassist player, Alessandro Simeoni. I hope you like it! Please check my channel to watch more videos!
  13. it's been a while

    Hi.......... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8q182kWAhiM
  14. it's been a while

    Hey all, long time!
  15. Here is the slide double stroke lesson I made including some exercises to burn your right shin. This is prefect for any style of music and very good to work on.
  16. Here are the top ten rudiments I use in my day to day playing. You can change the accents, subdivisions, add flams, etc, and these could keep a person busy for years and years without working on the other 30. I'm not saying don't learn the others, but for new students I teach these first and it changes their playing a ton. https://youtu.be/Ljja2mbeLfY Do you guys have any favorites you use all the time I didn't include?
  17. set list apps for drummers

    I dug out my old nexis android tablet and installed setlist helper. So far I like it. It crashed on my once, but I don't know if that was the program or the tablet. but I can make a set list, move the songs around, add the tempo and can upload a pdf so I can create some drum notation and save it as a pdf and I use aered for that and then attached that do the setlist helper and i can view it. there is a metronome as well. but in order for that to work i need to pay 8.00 which I don't mind playing. but first I need to make sure I'm going to keep it going as this nexis is flaky as well. Most likely because it's like 5 years old if not older now. ans slow LOL I will check out the ones you listed MGBD because If I could switch to my ipad i think it would be better.
  18. set list apps for drummers

    http://www.arlomedia.com/apps/setlistmaker/main/home.html http://www.bandhelper.com/ see if they help usually i jsut create a PDF with the songs on. i dont know anything that will help you create drum notation on the fly though short of a notation software
  19. set list apps for drummers

    I'd be interested in something like this too for those moments when your mind completely empties itself!
  20. set list apps for drummers

    Here's a question. Everytime we gig I take the set list and write out some drum scores just so I don't draw a blank, so for those questionable songs I like to write out the tempo, and a few measures of the pattern. Is there an app out there that will allow me to make a set list and add a pdf file or create drum notation? My husband uses onsong it's not a free one so I don't want to buy it if I can't use it. He loves it, but he plays guitar so. I've heard of setlist helper but i can only find it for droids and I have an iphone and an ipad.. so.. any thoughts anyone?
  21. Cool gift....

    Love it Yellow_Toad.. perfect shirt.
  22. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    and how was it? sounds fun! and it's great to continue to have "first" experiences
  23. Here is one of my band Dissolution's new songs that is 10 minutes long. It is an endurance test to play this with no breaks. I know death metal is not everyone's cup of tea but it sure is fun to play.The audio is not CD quality, there are zero edits, and there are plenty of mistakes. I will be spending the next month ironing out the time changes, changing a few parts up and getting ready to record 7 brand new songs. I also chopped half my head off for some of the video when I bumped the camera, so lots of fails going on in this video haha. I might make another song soon to redeem this one.
  24. Newbie

    hiya daisie, welcome to the site!
  25. Cool gift....

    love it!
  26. Cool gift....

    I've had a lot of gifts given to me over the years at gigs. Drawings, Artwork, Moose slippers (really) , hats, bottles of liquor etc...among other things. This one is by far one of the cooler things ever.
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