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    Ok! We'll do it! If anyone else is interested, please reply here to let me know. I'll make sure that a spot is reserved for you. Any suggestions for songs?
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    I'd love to take part again! A lot of fun, and something that helps me by pushing me out of my comfort zone! It's a bit tricky recording in my cage (Sound isolation booth), but if the timing is right, I might be able to record something when I've got my drums out for rehearsals.
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    i'll try and record something jsut gotta choose the tune
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    nice cover! and nice interpretation of the song! is that a series 8 drumcraft kit?
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    Welcome to the forum Isaac. Great to have you here! My advice is to sleep on it. Practicing before you go to bed (when possible) is a neat trick that works for a lot of people. There's some science behind it. Here's a link: https://lifehacker.com/5896513/study-before-bed-for-significantly-better-retention Of course, this alone won't solve all of your problems. Your expectations may be too high as to how quickly you should be able to master beats and solos — simple or not. It's not uncommon to spend an entire practice session on something only to end the session without having been able to play it yet. It's a frustrating experience, but getting back to the 'sleep on it' recommendation, new things take time for your body and brain to learn. You'll often recognize that on the following day, you're able to progress a little further during the practice session. Then, of course, the day after that you get even further. It's a long cycle at first, but as your skills develop, new things begin to come easier. And the great thing is, once you've put in the time to learn those skills, it's like riding a bike — you never forget them. Does anyone else have anything to add? Keep us updated as to your progress, Isaac. Keep drumming!