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    Silverfox drumsticks, arguably the best sticks on the planet!!
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  1. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    Sweet sweet sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet video, next year we will have to raise the bar even more, maybe get permission to use a song from an artist/band?
  2. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    Sent mine................. just................ I've just moved house and can't setup an acoustic or the e-kit as there is just no room. So I improvised with the first snare I could grab my hands on, a santa hat, and span around with a selfie video screaming and pulling a face my great skills of iphone wizardry
  3. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    I will get mine to you, most probably at the last minute................ as always
  4. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    ........................... And hello there Thank you all for badgering me and making me feel totally loved.......... You guys rock!!!!! I love you all I'll do some grand finale........... Hmmm, now to think what to do and where to do it
  5. Blimey! Time flies! 10 years an OLDster

    Hello Carox xx Oh god where do I start? Well............ I was out of work from end of June last year to May this year. Have had to sell my house to pay the debts accrued over the ten months (and before). I split up with my long term girlfriend (it hasn't been working right for years) last year and went on many dates and ended up finding the absolute love of my life, and the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with, on the Isle of Wight after I decided to move back there. I've not moved yet. The house is still in the process of being sold, I am on my second buyer (the first were stallers) and I'm hoping to move in September. Life is very good, although my drumming is suffering at the moment as I'm not really in a band (a disagreement meant I had to leave my last band before I was pushed). I've not bought a snare at all this year either, but that's not a bad thing. How is everyone else?
  6. I've just realised that it's close to my 10 year anniversary of being with OLD............ 10 years!!!
  7. I've kind of settled my heart on Zildjian K Customs, Dark or normal, I think they are suitable for jazz/funk.
  8. Flams on an e-kit

    Whatever you do, don't blame it on the boogie
  9. New Forum Upgrades

    Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks nice and comfy to me, Big Nate
  10. Do they have the 4th of July in England?

    I think the movie is out in the UK soon
  11. Offbeat, I'm into Flight Sim's too, just Microsoft Flight X but it's enough for me, I have loads of planes and airports, so if you want any then please let me know and I can either dropbox it to you or wang it in my Onedrive and give you access. I prefer vintage aircraft over the modern but it's normally whatever takes my fancy at the time. Back to the subject, I'm glad you got a Black Beauty Purps, I've never owned one, nor played one and I know I'm missing out
  12. Wow, thanks Offbeat, your advice is very welcome indeed, I have thought about the HHX series, so we are on the same page here. Thanks Patch, I would like to try a different brand than Sabian, so I have considered Zildjian and will try them.
  13. I agree with Offbeat, he's correct in everything he says. Snares are so personal to me, I have finally found the ultimate snare, or should I say, ultimate pair of snares. Playing live, or at home, and recording, the possibilities are endless with snares, the same snare will sound totally different just by loosening the tension rods let alone changing heads, snare wires, dampening etc...... The Black Beauty is a beauty, get it!...... If you've not done so already
  14. Van Kleef internal mic mounts

    Why would you put an XLR lead through the vent hole?? I have internal mounts on my kicks but the XLR comes out through the port hole in the reso, its convenient and easy. And I agree, Alan Van Kleef is a sheer master in drum building and an awesome person too.