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    Phoenix, Arizona
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    I perform on average 2/3 nights per week with a Classic Rock Group. I also do side work with other local artists.
    I teach privately from my home studio and on SKYPE
    I teach snare at the local Elementary School.
    I am an ARTIST ENDORSER Of SILVERFOX drumsticks
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    I am an Artist Endorsee of SILVERFOX Drumsticks, SOULTONE Cymbals. AXIS PERCUSSION and DRUMCLIP.

    I have several kits - 2 Pearls & 2 Yamahas, a Mapex, a Tama, an entire Roto-Tom kit, and and old Vintage Rogers 360 Kit too. I lose track actually.

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  1. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

  2. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

  3. I'm Back After 10 YEARS!!

    Welcome back!
  4. Halloween !

    Share your Halloween pics here! Pics, Party, Costume, Food ..anything Halloween related! Before a gig...me and my son....who is taller than me now - he is our all-around tech/crew guy , and runs our lights, fog. special efx. etc. as Wayne and Garth from Waynes World. I had so much stuff in my hair to keep it a mullet...ugh. Then....myself as a mad scientist on Halloween as I passed out candy.
  5. Roland TD20x recovered kit

    Just curious....why wasn't the "snare" drum recovered?
  6. NAMM 2018

    Happy to again be a part of the NAMM '18 show in January at The Anaheim Convention Center. I will be with the fantastic people at SOULTONE Cymbals for the entire week. Don't forget to stop by and visit my friends at Axis Percussion and Drum Clip/Chicago Drum Company too! All are great people with great INNOVATIVE products! http://www.soultonecymbals.com/artist/eddie-vallee https://www.axispercussion.com/eddie-vallee-2/ http://www.thedrumclip.com/artists.html
  7. Chain song Grab a Snatch

    Sounds like it does at first......but then after a while the 16th notes kind of come and go.
  8. 8 lugs vs 10 lugs - snare Drum

    I have a 10 lug DW Collectors snare. fwiw Your ten lug drum will tune better with 10 lugs if you use a loose - low pitch setting. You'll get less wrinkels and walrus farting vibrations if you like a soft head. On the other hand...if you prefer a tight head - the head will feel a lot harder - like you are hitting a piece of glass and it may be uncomfortable to you. It will also give you more pop and you'll probably bust a few more sticks than you usually do. If 8 lugs are what you are used to....that's what I would stick with.
  9. 4th of July gig.

    Lake Pleasant - Peoria Arizona. A suburb north of Phoenix, AZ.
  10. My first Gig!

  11. Looking for an older website

    I've got some videos of Nate.......hee hee.. (and He's got a few of me too!)
  12. Metal drum kit

    It depends on what you like. Many of the "Metal Drummers" I know like to use a thicker batter like a Evan EC2 or Remo Pinstripes. The Remo Ebonys are thick and durable and The Aquarian Performance II's are popular too. I use the Remo Powerstroke 4's on my Birch kit. I think they would be perfect for METAL DRUMMERS even though I'm not a metal drummer. You'll never know until you experiment with different heads. This takes time and money....but over the years, you'll figure it out. How long have you been playing? Cheers!
  13. Carl Palmer - underrated?

    I completely agree....