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  1. I agree there are only a few true rock bands out there. All those bands that you listed are just **** pop rock crap. If your going to use the word rock int the description include real rock bands like The Mars Volta or Oysterhead or something else that is real "rock" music. oh and new metallica sucks
  2. what are you trying to say?
  3. maybe you should think about not playing so hard afterall no one wants to hear another gay slipknot cover anyway go listen to good music
  4. Hey jj is the coolest man-drum robot alive
  5. only whitening toothpaste works because it has thos little scrubbing beads that buff your teeth or your cymbal logo
  6. You stink like oldwatermelons because you dont have an arsenal bitch My arsenal could kick your arsenal's ass :cyclops: