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  1. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

    Ok! We'll do it! If anyone else is interested, please reply here to let me know. I'll make sure that a spot is reserved for you. Any suggestions for songs?
  2. Having trouble practicing

    Welcome to the forum Isaac. Great to have you here! My advice is to sleep on it. Practicing before you go to bed (when possible) is a neat trick that works for a lot of people. There's some science behind it. Here's a link: https://lifehacker.com/5896513/study-before-bed-for-significantly-better-retention Of course, this alone won't solve all of your problems. Your expectations may be too high as to how quickly you should be able to master beats and solos — simple or not. It's not uncommon to spend an entire practice session on something only to end the session without having been able to play it yet. It's a frustrating experience, but getting back to the 'sleep on it' recommendation, new things take time for your body and brain to learn. You'll often recognize that on the following day, you're able to progress a little further during the practice session. Then, of course, the day after that you get even further. It's a long cycle at first, but as your skills develop, new things begin to come easier. And the great thing is, once you've put in the time to learn those skills, it's like riding a bike — you never forget them. Does anyone else have anything to add? Keep us updated as to your progress, Isaac. Keep drumming!
  3. Sad But True DRUM COVER

  4. About Live Drumming - Tips Please!

    Hi StiGy, Thanks for sharing your tips! Very nice! I wrote an article with some additional tips for gigging drummers, which can be found here: http://www.onlinedrummer.com/articles/5-face-savers-for-a-gigging-drummer/ Anyone else?
  5. a topic with no topic

  6. It came, It came. My custom snare drum is here

    That's a beast! AWESOME! I like that it has a story behind it. Very, very nice!
  7. Hi Sweeper, Sorry about the situation! Roland E-kits tend to have a better resale value over the long-run. So, if you can sell your relatively new Simmons to recoup some of the money, it wouldn't be a bad option to do that and go for the Roland. I think it's a best-case scenario given that you'll have limited space. I hope that helps! Anyone else have any ideas for Sweeper?
  8. Help. Reading a drum note

    Hi Cherry, That particular "Reading Drum Notation" article you linked to uses unusual drum notation. It'd be rare to find any books or materials (outside of their own) that match that drum notation key. Although drum notations vary, you can find the most commonly agreed upon drum key here: http://www.onlinedrummer.com/drum-key/ With that said, the Creative Control image seems to be describing hand and foot coordination. He says that he likes to play two hi-hats. So, he may have used a modified notation just to show the relationship between the hands and feet. In other words, the top note can represent any drum (or cymbal) hit with the hands, and the bottom note represents the feet. If you don't have two hi-hats, you can use the bass drum kick for the right foot and the hi-hat for the left foot. I'd be curious to see the rest of the description, though. Can you upload a picture of the description or type the full description in a reply? Interesting! Anyone else have experience with this book?
  9. Looking for an older website

    Yes, there are older video lessons, too. Have fun searching around!
  10. Looking for an older website

    That's this website. We still post drum beats — about 1 or 2 a week. You can find them here: http://www.onlinedrummer.com/category/drum-beats/ Thanks!
  11. Hello there!

    Congrats on the kit and staring to play the drums! The "Stick Control" book is great for developing coordination and stick technique. A lot of people mention quitting lessons when their teacher starts them with the Stick Control book. It's a great book, but it's not very obvious to a beginner how it will help with drum set playing. It also can feel monotonous and unproductive. Be sure to keep it fun. Try extending the exercises to the kit, maybe playing the right stick strokes on the hi-hat while keeping the left on the snare. You can also pencil in some bass strokes. Some of the patterns make great beats! Congrats again!
  12. About me

    Welcome to the forum! Finding the motivation to practice regularly can be difficult, especially when work and life get in the way. Creating a regular practice schedule (i.e. same time every day) and making short term goals for yourself (with a deadline) can help. Knowing what you're working toward each week is motivating. Maybe scheduling short 15 minute practice sessions at first will help, as well. Welcome again! Anyone else have any good tips for staying motivated?
  13. Bass Drum walk

    There are usually "spikes" on the bottom of the legs. Although, you have to twist the rubber stoppers on the end in order to reveal them. If you're using a rug, the spikes work well because they stick into the rug. There are also products that connect the drum throne to the bass drum ... it's like a nylon strap, and the bass drum is held in place using your own body weight. Or, you can purchase a 35 pound (or heavier) hex dumbbell. Placing this in front of the bass drum works well (with some protective padding between it and the bass drum, of course). They also work well to stop the hi-hat from sliding. I hope that helps. Anyone else have any methods to share?
  14. Seeking advice or opinions please...

    Welcome to the forum! And, congrats on beginning the drumming journey along with your son. That's great! The prices for the Sonor and Gretsch seem high. Granted, they do come with hardware and cymbals. However, the cymbals included are entry level and will eventually need to be replaced. They're fine for starting out. Here's a new Catalina Maple for around the same price: https://www.amazon.com/Gretsch-CM1E826PWG-Catalina-6-Piece-Additional/dp/B00HFP38NY/ Here's a used one on ebay for $599: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gretsch-Catalina-Ash-5pc-Euro-Drum-Set-Satin-Walnut-Natural-Burst-Blowout-Deal-/281814264294?hash=item419d7069e6:g:resAAOSwAANY7BUR One thing I would consider with the Sonor is how the two smaller toms are mounted. I found this picture which seems to show them mounted on each cymbal stand, which limits your potential for cymbal placements: https://www.ebay.com/p/?iid=292054026707&&&dispItem=1&chn=ps I'm not familiar with the Magnum kit. Anyone else? Welcome again!
  15. Dampening room

    Welcome to the forum! Often, a majority of the sound escapes through the door and heater vent. Placing a cover over the heater vent can help prevent sound from traveling through the duct system. For the door, some type of a sound dampening curtain/blanket hung a couple of inches in front of the door may help. Insulating strips around the door may also help. Anyone else have any ideas?