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  1. set list apps for drummers

    I dug out my old nexis android tablet and installed setlist helper. So far I like it. It crashed on my once, but I don't know if that was the program or the tablet. but I can make a set list, move the songs around, add the tempo and can upload a pdf so I can create some drum notation and save it as a pdf and I use aered for that and then attached that do the setlist helper and i can view it. there is a metronome as well. but in order for that to work i need to pay 8.00 which I don't mind playing. but first I need to make sure I'm going to keep it going as this nexis is flaky as well. Most likely because it's like 5 years old if not older now. ans slow LOL I will check out the ones you listed MGBD because If I could switch to my ipad i think it would be better.
  2. set list apps for drummers

    Here's a question. Everytime we gig I take the set list and write out some drum scores just so I don't draw a blank, so for those questionable songs I like to write out the tempo, and a few measures of the pattern. Is there an app out there that will allow me to make a set list and add a pdf file or create drum notation? My husband uses onsong it's not a free one so I don't want to buy it if I can't use it. He loves it, but he plays guitar so. I've heard of setlist helper but i can only find it for droids and I have an iphone and an ipad.. so.. any thoughts anyone?
  3. Cool gift....

    Love it Yellow_Toad.. perfect shirt.
  4. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    and how was it? sounds fun! and it's great to continue to have "first" experiences
  5. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    I'm so sorry Yellow Toad. I was aware of your mom's passing and when you loose a parent your world gets turned upside down. Especially when it's your Mom. And they always say time heals all wounds. No it doesn't, it just makes it easier for you to keep living. Which is important Things will get easier, calmer, better all in due time.
  6. a topic with no topic

    Maybe I should move to Phoenix then.. haahaa at least would like to check it out. but that puts me even further from my doctors. I know there are other doctors but these ones are the the ones that have "saved" me. I don't want to move away from them
  7. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    hahaah I just noticed.. Carox it says topcat.. so you've changed haahaa...
  8. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    Hahaha. Awesome job Nate. Love how you focused on Bruce. And the one section where I slipped. Hahaha.
  9. Newbie

    Happy Anniversary Carox
  10. You know you're a Real Drummer when ...

    ha.. Ok.. You know you're a Real Drummer when.... .... you not only get a custom drum made with your EKG going around but then you also bring it to your cardiology appointment to show it off. And the next thing you know there are 7 different doctors, technicians and clerical stopping buy just to take a look at the drum.
  11. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    I’m sure it will be great. Can’t wait to see. Hopefully soon.
  12. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    Woot woot.. getting close hope all have been submitted. Can't wait to see the final product!!
  13. a topic with no topic

    well the Christmas Party never happened LOL apparently they had decided not to hold it this year. The vacation was AWESOME!!!! Highly recommend it. it was all inclusive and very affordable. Everything was clean and the people were so nice. Granted there was the language barrier for us. They spoke Spanish. I do not LOL but just about everyone knew enough English that we could communicate. The weather was perfect, the water was perfect.. Loved it!! If I had to complain about anything it would be the humidity. That kicked my butt till the sun came out and burned it off. With my heart and lung issues that was hard, but once the day really started it was perfect and after the sun went down the humidity came back making it hard for things to dry. And I'm not sure if I could handle not being able to drink faucet water at all not even to rinse your tooth brush off. Granted they had bottled water everywhere, but still. But like I said, I loved it and we will defiantly go back another year. And the bands they had were fantastic.
  14. Newbie

    Welcome to OLD. Great community, great place to be. I see you signed up for the video. Love doing those every year. It's neat to see what everyone does and how it gets put together. Can't wait. look forward to seeing you around the boards.
  15. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    can't wait to see the final. I had fun doing it this year!! and so happy that all of my sections have been filled and submitted and whew... LOL