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  1. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

    A simple basic beat last Christmas I gave you my heart from Wham One idea
  2. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

    If we get people... I'm in. Love seeing what everyone does and it's a great way to do something together
  3. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

    Ok, Nate and I were talking and it's that time of year again. Time to make a Christmas Video. If you are new to this, then this is how it works. If you have been in one every year, skip to the bottom and just post that your in. Most likely Nate will pick out a song. However if you have one to suggest - that is greatly appreciated as choosing a song is a difficult task. Then once a song is chosen the song is broken up into sections, usually 4 measure sections. You take a listen to the song and choose your section. You then have to decorate your kit for the holidays, record your section and send it in. There will be directions for that from who ever is putting it together. Once all the sections are submitted the song will be put together and posted. It's a lot of fun. Here are some links from the previous years. 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
  4. few uploads from my gigs

    nice. Love the different genera's there. nice playing
  5. Drummers in the Dominican Republic

    Spent the week In the Dominican Republic. Watching the resort bands. These guys are fantastic. The percussion players are so tight. I was blown away by them.
  6. no I have not. Even rearranged my Practice e-kit so I could use this drum instead. Just love it !! We have a gig coming up with the Heart Association on November 8th. Can't wait to hear it with the pearls!
  7. the big rig is coming out!

    nice set up!
  8. Roland TD20x recovered kit

    looks great
  9. I'm Back After 10 YEARS!!

    Welcome back!!! Has it been 10 years? I think I remember you... has it really been 10 years.. wow.
  10. Halloween !

    i didn't dress up this year. Both hubby and I have bronchitis LOL and trying to shake it before our trip to the Dominican Republic. I put up some lights that had ghost flying around and one of our band lights and just handed out candy. Next year... I'll be back!

    well I do know what your talking about, however I've never played a kick that size and my problem was solved when I replaced the drum head. You have done all of that, so I'm not sure. Hopefully someone else will see this and have more to offer.
  12. a topic with no topic

    anyone ever go to the Domican Republic? I'm headed there in a few weeks for a week. Nervous and excited at the same time. Thing is i caught a cold and haven't shaken it yet and with the health issues that I do have, I really need this cold to go away...
  13. Mij tama rockstar dx .....the big set ..lol

    wow nice kit.. will keep my eye out for you.. Good Luck
  14. finally back drumming!

    glad your back and good luck with drumming gigs.
  15. About Live Drumming - Tips Please!

    nice tips. only tip I can add is if you mic's on your kit, keep the cables neat. Makes your kit look better and less dangerous for your band mates. You don't want them tripling over the cables.