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Andy Ziker

Week 17: Single Bass Fast Doubles

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As a teacher it's always important to listen to what your students want to learn and then do your best to help them with those elements. This will eventually help lead them to their own style. In that vein, the following exercise and video lesson was inspired by one of my students, Chastin.


Chris Armstrong ( was one of my drum instructors back in the late 80s at Mesa Community College. When he showed me this sliding technique, it completely blew my mind and I spent hours and hours trying to learn it. If you live in the LA area (San Clarita, more specifically) contact Chris for a lesson!

Seven Other Ways to Develop Fast Doubles

1. Practice different permutations of quads (the lick shown in the last line of the exercise, R L RF RF) such as RF R L RF, L RF RF R, and RF RF R L and other hand/foot combinations that involve 2 bass drum hits (4 + 2, 6 + 2, etc...).

2. Play a lot of sambas.

3. Experiment executing fast doubles with your heel down. For many students, switching back and forth between heel up and heel down benefits overall bass drum technique.

4. Play linear patters involving one and two bass drum hits.

5. Try fast "triples." If and when you can produce 3 consecutive hits, 2 becomes much easier.

6. Play rock or funk grooves that use fast doubles. Think John Bonham!

7. Relax when playing these. Tension in your toes, foot, ankle, and leg will inhibit your ability to play this technique.

Business Items

• The Drummer Stand now appears on the Manhasset website both in the "Music Stands" and "New Products" pages. I started a facebook page for the stand (, where I show pics of all of its functionality, announcements about where it's available, and testimonials. Here you can read about what John Riley, Peter Erskine and others think about the stand. Please visit the facebook page, "like" it, and share with all of your friends. Help me get the word out about this useful tool.

Drumset for Preschoolers is now available at more and more music stores: Linton-Milano Music in Mesa, AZ, Alan’s Music in San Diego, The Drum Pad in Chicago, Georgetown Music in Seattle, Revival Drum Shop in Portland, The Magic Flute in San Rafael, CA, JW Pepper, Pender’s Music Company, Stanton’s Sheet Music, Sheet Music Plus, Jamey Aebersold, Southern Percussion (UK), Nailsea Music Shop (UK), Music Exchange (UK), Mega Music (Spain), and Musik Hug (Germany). If you're local music store would like to join on, have them contact myself or the Pro Drum Shop in Hollywood (

Drumset for Preschoolers is also now available on

Thank you to Ludwig-Musser Drums and Percussion for mentioning the book on their facebook page and website.

If you're curious about the preschool book, here a couple of inside pages from the introduction.



• Thank you to Dan Brigstock for recommending Drum Aerobics and Daily Drum Warm-Ups on

• I'm happy to announce that Drum Aerobics has nearly sold out of its first printing and is about to be rerun. Thank you to all of those who are responsible for this.

• If you're a drum teacher you might be interested in 2 articles that I've recently had published on Drummer Cafe.

NOTE: If you like the this blog and its content, you can show me support (both economic and moral) by considering or telling others about my products. Thanks!


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