Kashmir – Led Zeppelin – Drum Sheet Music

Kashmir – Led Zeppelin

The full drum sheet music for Kashmir by Led Zeppelin from the album Physical Graffiti (1975).

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Drummer: John Bonham | Level 4/5All Songs by Led Zeppelin

Learn to play John Bonham’s classic drum track from the Led Zeppelin staple “Kashmir” with our note-for-note sheet music.

The song starts with Bonham’s instantly recognizable groove. Though simple, it’s important to play it with attitude. As the song moves along, Bonham’s fills become progressively more syncopated, punchy and quick. We’ve included all of the necessary dynamic markings to accurately reproduce that iconic, Bonham sound.

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Transcribed by:
Steve Ley
Steve Ley is a professional drummer, teacher, writer and Sheet Music Team Director for Online Drummer. He studied at the Australian National University, graduating with a Diploma of Music specializing in jazz performance.