Piano Man – Billy Joel – Drum Sheet Music

Piano Man – Billy Joel

The full drum sheet music for Piano Man by Billy Joel from the album Piano Man (1973).

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Drummer: Ron Tutt | Level 4/5All Songs by Billy Joel

Ron Tutt plays an incredibly articulate and dynamic drum track on the classic 70s hit, Piano Man, by Billy Joel. Tutt’s playing is sometimes overshadowed by the hook of the melody and catchy piano arrangement, but tuning into the drum part reveals an amazing performance — perhaps on par with the likes of Porcaro’s Rosanna.

If your drumming isn’t quite at the level of Tutt or Porcaro, ignoring the ghost strokes throughout the song brings the difficulty level down a few notches while keeping the drum part fun to play and sounding great.

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Transcribed by:
Steve Ley
Steve Ley is a professional drummer, teacher, writer and Sheet Music Team Director for Online Drummer. He studied at the Australian National University, graduating with a Diploma of Music specializing in jazz performance.