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Advanced Drum Lick Idea

For this week's drum lesson we have got part 2 of our intermediate to advanced drum lick. If you can smoothly combine the idea from last week with this idea you have got yourself a sweet sounding, advanced 2 measure drum fill that includes a number of sticking patterns — including a cheeky little stepped hi-hat idea. I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to hear how you get on with it!

Hi-Hat Fills? Why Not!?

This lesson strays from the common application of drum fills where toms and snare strokes are at the heart of the fill. By placing an emphasis on the hi-hat, a more subtle (but often effective) drum fill can emerge.

Tasty Intermediate – Advanced Drum Lick

This lesson builds upon last week's Thursday lesson by adding an extra measure of a more dynamic and complex sticking pattern to "buff" it up to a more advanced-level drum fill.

Tasty Intermediate Drum Lick

This lesson explore a single-measure drum fill aimed at intermediate level drummers. This sweet drum lick incorporates a herta sticking pattern, choked hi-hats and some solid sixteenth notes. It's a great drum fill for a one bar show off break.
Drum Lesson - Extending The Drum Fillvideo

Extending the Drum Fill Ideas

Learn a simple technique to add some flare and pop to the end of your drum fills. This lesson explores 8 examples to help you get started with the technique.

Killer Drum Fill For Beginner to Intermediate Drummers

Learn a sweet-sounding two-bar drum fill aimed at beginner to intermediate drummers.

Drum Fill and Beat Techniques from Run

This drum lesson explores a couple of drum fills and grooves from the song Run by Foo Fighters, as well as some ways to incorporate the techniques into your own playing.

Orchestrating a Syncopated Rhythm

Learn six drum fills based on the same rhythmic pattern. The re-orchestration technique allows you to create many drum fills with different flavors.

Twelve Fun Drum Fills to Play Today

Each set of four drum fills below share the same rhythms but re-orchestrate those rhythms around the toms and crashes.

Epic Intermediate Rock, Pop, Metal Drum Fill

This lesson explores a two-measure drum fill split between the hands and foot. This is a great intermediate drum fill that can be applied to rock, pop or metal situations.

Crash Fills

Drum fills are often comprised of a lot of drums, but adding some crashes into your drum fills can produce a great result.

“AH”nother Take on Drum Fills

Drummers are often locked into the technique of playing a crash cymbal on beat 1 when coming out of a drum fill. There's a good reason for that: it works well in a lot of situations.

Epic Rock, Pop Intermediate To Advanced Drum Fill

This week, we've got a glorious two (and a bit more) measure drum fill.

Moving Hands – Simple Drum Fill Technique

The Moving Hands technique is a simple way to create a drum fill by playing the same drum beat while moving your hands around the toms.

Simple Swing Sixteenths – Drum Fills

Some simple patterns, when orchestrated around multiple drums, create complex-sounding, syncopated grooves. In this lesson, we're orchestrating a full bar of sixteenth notes around the kit.