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For this week's lesson we have got a sweet sounding drum lick using paradiddles and inverted paradiddles.

Learn a cool paradiddle drum beat and drum fill. Be sure to check out the accompanying video lesson.

Patrick lays down more Latin paradiddle grooves in part 3 of this cool and easy lesson series.

This week, Patrick lays down a Latin groove using the paradiddle to drive the groove.

This week, Patrick brings us some slick Latin grooves all based on the paradiddle.

Part 3 of Patricks Table of Time Application series works the paraiddle around the kit into the most common time tables.

This is the 3rd installment of Patrick's Bass Drum Coordination over Paradiddles. Enjoy!

Need to improve your coordination? Patrick shares a great piece to build the independence we're all trying to achieve.

This week, Patrick brings us some great independece exercises, giving a bass drum workout over paradiddle variations on the hands.

This week, Patrick lays out some wicked paradiddle grooves incorporating a syncopated ride bell pattern as well as toms for the left stick. Get Patrick's Book

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchester's video drum lesson laying out some weak-hand workouts.

In this weeks lesson we have a go at a nice little 6 note para paradiddle pattern played as either a groove or a drum fill. We can add some cool voicing ideas and a bit of kick to bring this idea to life.

This sheet music accompanies Alex Ribchesters video lesson on some slick grooves in groups of six.

In this weeks lesson we have a go at the inverted paradiddle and explore some of the drum fill ideas it has to offer. The fills in this lesson are single measure 16th note patterns with additional accents on the 'a' of beats 2 and 4 with the left hand.

This lesson sheet accompanies Alex Ribchesters drum lesson video on some cool inverted paradiddle drum fill ideas.


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