7/8 Flam Rudiment Warm-Up

If you’ve been enjoying my blog/articles, thank you for your interest. I hope that you’re finding some value in these pieces (and my books).

Many of my lessons come directly from one on one interactions with students. Other times, I arrive at original content while warming up before teaching or live performing. The following three warm-ups were created in that way.

I really like flam rudiments and the challenge of warming up in odd-time signatures. (If you like these too, you’ll find a lot of similar content in my book Daily Drum Warm-Ups.) The following exercises use flam accents, alternating flams, and flamadiddles, all in 7/8 time.

Extra Challenge

1. Play each exercises two times and, without pausing, go from one exercise to the next. Repeat this until 4/4 time feels foreign to you.

2. Place your right stick on one sound source of the drumset (such as a ride cymbal) and your left stick on a different sound source (such as the snare drum). Put a bass drum on beats 1 and 5.

3. Create or find a funky or jazzy groove in 7/8 time. Play two measures of this groove followed by two measures of each of the exercises. If you get hired as the next drummer of Dream Theatre, I get free tickets!