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Level 2 Drum Lessons


Quick, Slick Drum Lick

Learn a linear, single-measure drum fill made up of sixteenth notes and a fun sticking pattern.

Two Great Drum Beats for Beginners

Learn two cracking drum beats for beginner drummers looking to bridge the gap to intermediate level. The groove is played with a single-stroke 16th notes, with both hands taking it in turns to hit the snare and provide a backbeat. Then, the pattern moves to the toms for a new orchestration.

Fun Jazz Independence Exercises

Learn four patterns from Ted Reed's Progressive Steps to Syncopation.

Cool Intermediate Drum Beats on the Toms

Learn a cracking four-measure drum beat on the toms. The groove is aimed at intermediate level drummers who are looking to spice up their tom grooves with this musical orchestration that sits on a basic four on the floor pulse.

Rock & Pop Drum Fill – Intermediate Level

Learn a two-measure drum fill for intermediate level drummers. The fill is meant to be played at high tempos in a rock or pop context. The pattern is predominantly between the kick, snare, and hi-hat with choked hi-hats occurring throughout.

Fun 4 Bar Paradiddle – Herta Practice Pad Exercise

This week we are back on the practice pad with this fun four measure sequence that combines paradiddles and hertas.

Sixteenth-Note Triplet Fills and Exercises

These exercises serve as a great workout for improving coordination, dexterity, and timing around the kit. They also make unique-sounding, punchy drum fills to use within your own playing.

Every Third Sixteenth

Each of the fills below share a basic, accented sixteenth-note pattern. Accents are played every third sixteenth note. In fills 1 through 3, the accents begin on beat 1. Fills 4 through 6 begin the accent pattern on the "&" of beat 1.

Exploring the “& ah”

This lesson explores adding a syncopated crash on the "&" of beat 4.

How To Play ‘Song 2’ By Blur

This lesson takes a look at the verse and chorus and drum beats from the 90s Indie Rock classic Song 2 by Blur.

Identifying The Voices In Your Groove

The lesson takes a step back from the traditional format and explores the intricacies of music notation strategies. Learn the most preferred voice grouping techniques for the cleanest and clearest music notation.

Intro to All Along The Watchtower

This lesson explores the pickup and drum fills in the intro of All Along The Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix as well as some fun variations for around the kit.

Improvisation Workshop: Drum Fills

Do you have trouble making up drum fills on the fly? If so, you're not alone. A lot of drummers express difficulties and even anxiety when asked to do so. This lesson provides a template for practicing and developing your improvisational skills.

Hi-Hat Fills? Why Not!?

This lesson strays from the common application of drum fills where toms and snare strokes are at the heart of the fill. By placing an emphasis on the hi-hat, a more subtle (but often effective) drum fill can emerge.
Drum Lesson - Extending The Drum Fillvideo

Extending the Drum Fill Ideas

Learn a simple technique to add some flare and pop to the end of your drum fills. This lesson explores 8 examples to help you get started with the technique.