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Level 3 Drum Beats

Six Punchy Short Fills

Short fills are perfect for light transitions or breaking up repeated bars of drum beats. If overused, they can become annoying and predictable. Used with purpose and judgement, short fills are a great addition to the song.

Six Two-Bar Rock Grooves

These six rock grooves use a two-bar repeating pattern. The beginning grooves are simpler and become more complex throughout.

Rock Ride & Tom Build – 6 Beats

Starting with a straightforward rock groove, each beat builds from the previous. The first grooves are easier and grow with complexity. The audio example plays each groove 4 times before moving on.

Rockin’ the Ands

We often find ourselves in a straight-8th-note rut when it comes to playing the hi-hat. Step out of the rut with these 8 beats featuring an "and" ostinato on the hi-hat.

Six Ghostly Beats

Enjoy a collection of six drum beats using varying ghost stroke techniques to fill out the sound. After learning these, try adding ghost strokes to beats that already play. Note how the sound/feel of the groove changes.

Twelve “Walking” Beats & Fills

The Walking foot pattern is a lot of fun to play and makes for a great drum solo concept. The term "walking" refers to the motion of your feet while playing the technique — right, left, right, left — like you're walking.

Seven Half-Time Shuffle Beats & Fills

Explore the half-time shuffle with these seven drum beat and fill examples. The first beats and fills are simpler concepts, while later fills become more complex.

Rhythm Builder: How Far Can You Go?

Starting with a simple rhythm on the snare drum, this exercise gradually builds throughout each measure. In the audio demonstration, each example is played 4 times before moving on.

Foot Refrain Drum Fills & Solo Concept

These drum fills are played over a hi-hat and bass drum refrain, keeping the time and holding the fills together.

Snare Based Grooves

These grooves use the snare drum to carry the beat. Accents, rimshots, and diddle strokes add dynamics and articulation to bring the grooves to life.

Six Hard Rock Drum Fills

Enjoy this selection of 6 hard rocking drum fills and beats. Listen to the audio example, print the notation, and take it to your music stand.

Layering a Groove

Today's Tuesday beat takes a foundational groove and gradually add layers to fill out the groove.

Drum Fills A La Carte

Fill your weekend with this collection of syncopated rock drum fills. The exercises above include sample drum beats that can be replaced with any drum beat that you'd like to play.

A Bit of Linear Funk – Problem Live

This slick funk-rock groove is used by Keith McJimson in the live version of Problem by Ariana Grande.

A Slick Almost-Linear Build

This linear groove starts off with a simple, but great-sounding, pattern. Each bar adds to the previous bar to gradually fill out the beat.