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The ‘Motivation’ Challenge of Learning a Song

Perhaps the largest hurdle we face when learning a new song is that of motivation. Regardless of whether we're beginners or experienced players, motivation affects all of us. Learning anything new takes time, perseverance, and dedication — which all come to a standstill without proper motivation.

15 Simple Beats Used in Famous Songs

15 Simple beats that feature in famous songs.

Practicing vs. Playing

Many of us maintain a solid practice schedule, but are we making the most of our practice time? Are you practicing? Or, playing?

How Fast? You May Be Fast Enough

As drummers, we're often drawn into the desire to play fast. We've seen drummers put on amazing displays of speed, endurance and athleticism behind the kit. It's impressive and quite an experience to watch. However, the need for speed can also be a hindrance.

Version Confusion

Have you ever carefully learned a song for a gig, and then experienced an on-stage train wreck? Your band may have suffered 'version confusion' — where each band member learns a different version of the same song.

Drum Program at Musicians Institute – Is It Right For Me?

Are you considering a career in music? The Drum Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood is a solid step in the right direction. Learn more about the program and expectations as we chat with Drum Program Chair, Stewart Jean.

Under The Bad Sheets

Check out these 5 things that major publishers are getting wrong.

The Lost Art of Coordination Building

Focusing your practice time on the right things can make you a much better drummer with long-term success.

5 Face-savers for a Gigging Drummer

As a teenager, I was hired for my first studio gig at a recording studio. I had acted cool about it during the hiring process, like I had done it before. I hadn't done it before but was very...

5 Ideas For More Productive Practice

Your slow progress may not be due to your lack of effort in the practice room. What's the saying? Perfect practice makes perfect. Here are 5 practical tips to make your practice time more productive. Plan: Before you sit down behind...

5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Drum Beats

There are many ways to freshen up the drum beats that you already play. Here are 5 ways.

Drumsmiths Vol. 4 – Mayer Bros. : Boys and their toys

By Zack Albetta  Bring up just about any subject having to do with drums or music and Jack Mayer’s eyes light up. There are many reasons to get into drum building, but Jack is clearly in it for the fun....

How Do You Stand It? – Music Stands for Drummers

A sheet music stand is an important piece of equipment for the working drummer and student alike. There are some great options available which suit the specific needs of drummers. The following list contains the names of the stands in...

Drumsmiths Vol. 3: Ford – “Have you driven a band lately?”

Learn about Ford drums and what brings their unique sound and look to life.

Drumsmiths Vol. 2 – TreeHouse: Rooted in sound & craft

Derek Sharp runs TreeHouse Drums literally and figuratively under his music store, Supersonic Music in Topeka, KS.