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Drum Program at Musicians Institute – Is It Right For Me?

Are you considering a career in music? The Drum Program at Musicians Institute in Hollywood is a solid step in the right direction. Learn more about the program and expectations as we chat with Drum Program Chair, Stewart Jean.

Josh Heffernan: The Dustbowl Revival’s Musical Mixologist

In the modern day same-old, same-old, take lessons from Josh Heffernan on creating something new, fresh and plain-old fun. Dare to be unique, and it just might work.

Vinnie Paul – Hellyeah – Exclusive Interview

Vinnie Paul talks with OnlineDrummer about Hellyeah, metal and drums. Check out our Mayhem Festival photos of Hellyeah from the Phoenix, AZ 2015 show.

Jerod Boyd – Miss May I – Backstage Pass

Jerod Boyd and the Miss May I crew transgressed the snow-capped highways, being hit mercilessly by the winter storm of the season, dubbed Winter Storm Juno. The band and crew were on their way to perform a show in Toronto regardless of what Juno would bring their way. Their dedication and respect for the fans shines through far beyond faring the brutal cold. It reaches into the heart of each song in quite an interesting and surprising way.

Career Day: Why Does Doug Auwarter’s Phone Ring?

After decades in the Kansas City music scene, Doug Auwarter's phone continues to ring. Learn how to keep your phone ringing and the jobs rolling in.

On The Phone With Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy discusses The Winery Dogs and other fun drumming topics for his fans in this exclusive OnlineDrummer.com interview.

Chris Adler Interview – OnlineDrummer.com Exclusive

OnlineDrummer.com talks with Chris Adler about touring overseas, writing, practicing on the road and the Metal On The Mountain Retreat coming up in July.

Lee Norris – Exclusive Interview

Lee Norris, the pulse behind the rock group that's been creating all the buzz, Another Lost Year, shares his story and insights into the bizz. Enjoy this exclusive OnlineDrummer.com interview.

Joe Rickard – Exclusive Interview – Red

Joe Rickard, the beat behind the band Red, chats with OnlineDrummer.com about their latest album Release The Panic and shares insights into the industry.

Morgan Rose Blacks Out The Sun – And Tells About It

Morgan Rose steps into the studio again to create Black Out The Sun, Sevendust's latest record to be released March 26, 2013.

Laura Spern – Rocker Mom Teaches Us All a Lesson

One of the most inspiring stories of "it's never too late." That perhaps cliche phrase has become something we say but don't really believe. Not so for Laura Spern. She knows that powerful phrase is true.

Todd Sucherman – STYX

From making connections, mastering your art, and playing for the music, Todd Sucherman, throne-man behind STYX, lays out invaluable keys to having a full schedule.

Jason Heiser – Charm City Devils

Jason Heiser of Charm City Devils shares his story, from a grade school stage playing Wipeout to sold-out crowds at Crue Fest. From hard rock to country, jumping jacks and giving away sticks, Jason has a lot to talk about!

Donny Gruendler

Living his dream, Donny Gruendler is not only the Director of Performance Programs at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, he runs his own studio, authors, and plays with some of today’s most soulful, funky artists – just to name a few of his accomplishments. Donny has set up a system for continued, lasting success in the music industry, and we would all be wise to follow his lead.

Bryan Hitt – REO Speedwagon

Bryan Hitt, the groovemaster behind the iconic rock team, REO Speedwagon, lays down his thoughts, knowledge and experience. From practice techniques, DVD recommendations, career tips and more, Bryan serves a tasty plateful with this piece.