15 Simple Beats Used in Famous Songs

15 Simple beats that feature in famous songs.

How Fast? You May Be Fast Enough

As drummers, we're often drawn into the desire to play fast. We've seen drummers put on amazing displays of speed, endurance and athleticism behind the kit. It's impressive and quite an experience to watch. However, the need for speed can also be a hindrance.

5 Ideas For More Productive Practice

Your slow progress may not be due to your lack of effort in the practice room. What's the saying? Perfect practice makes perfect. Here are 5 practical tips to make your practice time more productive. Plan: Before you sit down behind...

Family Matters

Many of us remember Family Matters, but how many remember the remarkable drum fills in the show's theme song?

The Theme From Cheers

We've notated the theme from Cheers. Take a stroll down memory lane.

Ricky Syers D-Rail Station

We've notated the slick linear groove played by Ricky Syers at D-Rail Station. These little drums carry a big beat.

What Do You Note? Number 4

How well do you read rhythms? Test your knowledge with this 5 question, auto-graded quiz (with explanations for wrong answers).

Different Drummer – Jeff Strong

After only a few gigs as a musician, youʼre bound to observe (unless your head is down or your eyes are closed) that rhythm affects people in dramatic and emotional ways. Rhythm in its purest form — without melody and harmony...

What Do You Note? – Number 3

Do you need a GPS when navigating your way through sheet music? Or, can you find your way around just FINE (sorry for the pun). Take this interactive quiz, which contains detailed explanations of each question, should you get one wrong.

What Do You Note? – Number 2

In our second edition of "What Do You Note" test your reading skills with a fun interactive quiz. Enjoy!

Name That Groove! Number 27

Steve Ley resurrected the Name That Groove trivia this weekend. We hope you enjoy it! Can you Name That Groove?

Name That Groove! Number 26

The first Name That Groove trivia of 2015! Can you name that groove?

What Do You Note?

There's a common mistake made in the transcription below. Can you identify what is wrong with the notation after listening to how the beat is actually played? Hint: it's not missing anything. It has too much. Here's the audio of what the beat is...

Name That Groove! Number 25

This week's Name That Groove takes us back to the 70s. Can you Name That Groove?

Name That Groove! Number 24

This week's Name That Groove tests your knowledge of picking out drum beats from Muse.