2/4 Drum Beats

Indians – Anthrax – Intro

This simple, yet effective pattern is heard in the introduction section of Indians, one of Anthrax's most popular songs. It features the mid and floor toms being struck in unison followed by rapid double strokes played on the bass drum.

Valerie – Mark Ronson feat. Amy Winehouse – Beat

Homer Steinwiss played this fun, up-beat soul groove throughout most of the song. The lightly swung off-beat eighth notes played on the bass drum give the groove a nice bounce. The 2/2 time signature suggests that the pulse be felt on the first and third beats of the measure (when played at full speed).

Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve

This simple, but effective 2 measure pattern was played with only minor variation throughout the song.

Summer – Imagine Dragons

Daniel Platzman plays this groove throughout the intro section of the song, then moves the off-beat 8th note part to the rim of the tom for the verse. The drum part gradually evolves throughout the song.

Car Radio – Twenty One Pilots – Main Groove

This is the main beat that features in Twenty One Pilots' hit single 'Car Radio'. Drummer, Josh Dun drives the half-time feel with a solid bass and snare drum part while playing a skipping hi-hat pattern over the top.

Epic – Faith No More – Intro

This beat was used in the intro to Faith No More's breakout song, Epic. After a 10 year hiatus, the band reformed in 2009 and has recently released their seventh studio album, Sol Invictus.

Which Voicing #1 – R U Mine

This groove was featured in Arctic Monkey's hit, R U Mine. Which voicing do you prefer?


Enjoy this simple Rumba beat for the drum set.

Double-time Beat

Double-time beats are used in punk and heavy metal music to add intensity to a song.

And Justice For All – Metallica – Pre-Verse

In this part of the song, leading up to the verses, Lars played the drums in rhythmic unison with the guitar riff. He used X-Hats on the right hand side of his kit to achieve full-power strokes on the toms.

The Way I Am – Eminem

In this looped 4 bar sequence, the bass drum accents the 16th notes preceding beats 1 and 3 - known as 'anticipating the beat'. The hi-hat and kick notes form the rhythmic blueprint for Eminem's phrasing.

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

Muse drummer, Dom Howard, breaks into this galloping groove immediately after the 'western' style introduction to the song. Played from 0:49 - 2:32, the persistent dotted 8th/16th pattern played on the bass drum with off-beat 8ths on the hi-hat creates a driving, hypnotic rhythm.

Come Together – The Beatles – Intro

In this distinctive groove, the left hand leads the tom fill while the right hand moves clockwise to play the mid and floor toms.

Super Bon Bon – Soul Coughing

The main drum beat from Super Bon Bon by Soul Coughing.

Cemetery Drive – Intro Drum Beat

The intro drum beat from Cemetery Drive by My Chemical Romance.