Afro 12/8

In this is beat, the African clave (bell pattern) is being used in a different way.

Echoing the Rhythm

This 'Bo Diddly' inspired beat uses the same bass and snare drum rhythm in both measures. However in the first measure, the accents on the hi-hat fall with the bass drum. In the second measure, the hi-hat accents 'echo' the bass drum pattern. This variation creates a more interesting sounding rhythm without altering its essence.

Syncopated Hi-Hat and Bass Drum – Drum Beat

We borrowed a technique used by Rodney Holmes in the Santana song Smooth to create this syncopated groove.

Which Voicing #3 – Samba

In this groove, the feet play a samba ostinato while the hands work together to play the syncopated rhythm. Which voicing do you prefer?


Enjoy this simple Rumba beat for the drum set.

Bossa Nova

Enjoy this bossa nova with a 3-2 son clave on the snare, playing against a shortened clave variation on the open hi-hat.

7-8 Samba

A unique samba rhythm in 7/8

Edson Machado Samba

This Edson Machado style samba is sure to be a hit and a challenge.