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Fun 4 Bar Paradiddle – Herta Practice Pad Exercise

This week we are back on the practice pad with this fun four measure sequence that combines paradiddles and hertas.

Sextuplets With Accents Practice Pad Exercise

In this lesson, we take the sticks to the practice pad utilizing the six-stroke roll (R l l r r L) as well as some three-note sticking patterns (R l l, r r L).

Flamtastic Practice Pad Exercise

For this week's lesson I have put together an 8 measure practice pad sequence that utilizes the flam in a number of different ways. There are three sticking patterns to practice that include the flam tap, flam triplets, etc. As well as the practice pad, the sequence will also sound great when played on the drum kit.

Rolling Through The Triplets

The second installment of our exclusive Musicians Institute Hollywood Spring 2017 drum lesson series, Tim McIntyre lets the rolls fly in this great application of the five-stroke roll based in triplets.

Accented Six-Stroke Roll Techniques

We've teamed up with Musicians Institute (MI) in Hollywood, CA to bring you lessons from the staff each month throughout Spring 2017. In this lesson, Stewart Jean (Drum Program Chair at MI), demonstrates unique accent exercises applied to the six-stroke-roll.

Funky Swiss Army Drum Fill

Learn a unique sounding, syncopated drum fill based on the Swiss Army Triplet sticking pattern.

Four Strokes To Fill

This lesson explores applying the four stroke ruff to your grooves and fills.

Drum Roll Please – 5-strokes & 9-strokes

This week's lesson takes the basic 5-stroke and 9-stroke roll rudiments and applies them in interesting ways around the kit. Playing these rudiments within your beats and fills can make your rudiment practice time more fun ... plus, they sound great.

Cool Drum Fill – Inverted Paradiddles & 6 Stroke Rolls

In this weeks lesson we are combining the inverted paradiddle and the six stroke roll to create an awesome sounding drum fill as well as really useful exercise for the hands. Enjoy

Hand Technique: Single 3’s – Video 3 of 4

Michael Klee takes you through the medium fast tempos (150-180 bpm) with the Single 3's Ditty Exercise. Video 3 of 4. Developing the single 3 rudiment will help give you short bursts of speed when you need it the most! Practice here with Mike Klee!

Mike Klee’s Flam Fills

In this drum lesson, explore some excerpts from Mike Klee's book, "Rudiment Bootcamp: Flam Fills."

The Paradiddle Tree

John X teaches the Paradiddle Tree rudimental workout. Apply these rudiments around the kit for great sounding grooves.
You can purchase John X's Lesson Transcription PDFs at his site.

Herta Drum Fill -‘Violence’ Blink 182 – Travis Barker

Hello again guys, this is a video lesson explaining how to play the 'Herta' drum fill from Blink 182's track 'Violence' performed by the infamous Travis Barker. This was a requested lesson, so I hope it helps. As always....smack the 'like' button and leave a comment if you want any more drum beats or fills worked out.

Swiss Army Triplet Groove

This lesson focuses on expanding the Swiss Army Triplet rudiment into a cool groove & drum fill.

Things You Thought You’d Never Do With Your Flam Tap

In this lesson, Nate Brown demonstates some cool techniques to bring the flam tap to life around the kit.