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Funk Up Your Toms – Ebook

By Andy Ziker - This book will help you pull multiple sounds out of only one drum (check out the free accompanying video on this topic), discover convenient and/or interesting ways to move around the drums, infuse tribal and Afro-Cuban patterns into your playing, unveil creative approaches such as counterpoint and call & response, and learn grooves & licks from the tom loving masters.

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Sixteen Beat Coordination – Ebook

This 36 page ebook is designed to gradually develop your alternating-sixteenth beat coordination. Working from beginner through advanced exercises, this book has everything you need to master the sixteenth beat.

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8th Note Jailbreak – Ebook

This 33 page ebook isn't meant to deny the significance (nor the importance) of eighth note drum beats. We have to be able to play them, and we have to be good at them. However, a problem arises when they're the only types of beats that we can really nail. Being locked into the eighth-note jail isn't a good thing. It's constrictive and limits our potential.

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Funk Up Your Ride – Ebook

You have to love the expressive quality of the hi-hat. However, youʼre really missing out if you havenʼt explored the limitless versatility and musicality of the ride cymbal. Funk Up Your Ride will entice you to get started down that road or open you up a whole new palette to draw from. The final section involves transcriptions of ride patterns from iconic drummers, including Stewart Copeland, Neil Peart, Bernard Purdie, and Ringo Starr.

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Swing, Swing, Swing 2 – Ebook

The sequel to Swing, Swing, Swing, this ebook explores 216 additional swing grooves with swing, jazz and Afro-jazz applications.

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Funk Up Your Snare – Ebook

The premise behind Funk Up Your Snare is rebellious in nature. If you want to sound like a robot, this book might not be for you. A natural, three-dimensional style is favored over a monotonous, stiff feel. However, the exercises here are also a means to an end. You will immediately notice an improvement in your left-hand control and accuracy and the way that you hear your beats in the overall context of the music. Ironically, in going down this path, you will also be better equipped to nail those lunch-pail, one dynamic backbeats demanded by your lead singer.

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Rockin’ Linear Triplet Fills – Ebook

This ebook explores 143 drum fills designed to develop your linear 16th note triplet drum fill coordination.

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7/8 Beats: Odd-Time Coordination

This 33 page PDF explores over 200 grooves for building 7/8 coordination and important ostinatos. Arranged from simple to more advanced, this ebook has grooves for everyone.

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Rhythm Reader

This 49 page ebook contains 279 rhythms organized from beginning to advanced. This is a great resource for building rhythmic confidence, improving sight reading, exploring creative drum fills, drum beats and more!

Audio MP3s Of Every Rhythm Included!

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Swing, Swing, Swing

This 37 page PDF explores 208 drum beats designed to progressively develop swing, jazz & big band beat coordination over 5 different cymbal ostinatos.

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Rockin’ Linear Beats

This ebook explores 144 drum beats designed to develop your linear drum beat coordination.

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Take Control Of Your Accents

This 23 page pdf explores 184 patterns from beginning to advanced to progressively develop accent coordination with both hands.

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The Rock Shuffle

This 33 page ebook contains 400 drum beats designed to progressively develop rock-shuffle coordination.

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Rudiment Bootcamp – Flam Fills

This 25 page ebook contains 204 drum fills designed to progressively develop flam independence around the kit to rock those flammin' fills.

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Rockin’ Linear Fills

This ebook explores 177 drum fills designed to develop linear drum fills coordination.

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