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O.L.D.’s Christmas Compilation! – 2012

The OnlineDrummer forum members got together, lead by BarryP, to create a Merry Christmas Compilation for 2012.

Block Rockin’ Beats – Autographed Giveaway

Don't miss your chance this December to win an autographed copy of Dawn Richardson's Block Rockin' Beats

Sweet Beat and Drum Lick

This is a great sounding drum beat, which for me, has elements of Hip Hop and a bit of Funk. The groove is a basic kick and snare rhythm, with the right hand playing solid 16th notes. Mid way through the beat, we are going to bring the left hand up to the hi hat to provide us with some 32nd notes. On the 'a' of beat 2, we are going to play two 32nd notes on the kick drum. The drum fill is a simple RLRLKK played twice, followed by four 32nd notes on the snare. This fill also works as a full measure 16th note pattern.

Laura Spern – Rocker Mom Teaches Us All a Lesson

One of the most inspiring stories of "it's never too late." That perhaps cliche phrase has become something we say but don't really believe. Not so for Laura Spern. She knows that powerful phrase is true.

Fede Rabaquino – American Idiot Cover

Febe Rabaquino rocks out to American Idiot by Green Day. With his explosive and energetic style, he gives the drum part a shot of B-12.

Mari Voiles – Haunted Disturbed (cover)

Mari Voiles cuts into the scene with Haunted by Disturbed, proving that rocking out isn't just for the boys.

Nate Brown – The Kill – 30 Seconds to Mars

A full, step-by-step lesson package teaching how to play this is available on DrumMusic.tv . Be sure to check out the other packages already there! In this video, Nate Brown plays "The Kill" by 30 Seconds to Mars, part of a complete lesson package for DrumMusic.tv.

That Funkin’ Five-Stroke Roll – Drum Lesson

The five-stroke roll is more than a snare drum rudiment for playing marches. Use it to funk up an already funky groove in a quite slick and surprisingly simple way.

Fun with Four on the Floor – Drum Lesson

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Sometimes the classic “four on the floor” groove is the only groove that really hits the spot. It doesn't always have to be cliché, though. There are a number of ways you can modify the groove to give it a new feel and open it up to other opportunities. This lesson shows some upbeat variations to explore.

Building A Triplet Tom Groove

Building from a simple tom-groove in four, turn this pattern into a slick six-eight feel just by adding hi hat variations and snare. Fun groove! Watch the knuckles on the crossover!

Dennis Chambers – Drum Solo – Santana-Soul Sacrifice (2006)

Dennis Chambers in his classic style lays down a drum solo live to a sold-out crowd.

Our Community Members Took Part In Stick It To MS 2012 World Record

Our community members took part in Stick It To MS to beat the world record in aide of the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Way to go OnlineDrummer.com community!

Benny Greb Performs at the Meinl Drum Festival

Benny Greb jams on June 24, 2012 for the Meinle Drum Festival

Where Eagles Dare – Drum Beat Lesson

Nate Brown breaks down the finer elements of Nicko McBrain's 12/8 drum part on the classic track "Where Eagles Dare" from Iron Maiden's 1983 album Peace Of Mind.

Todd Sucherman – STYX

From making connections, mastering your art, and playing for the music, Todd Sucherman, throne-man behind STYX, lays out invaluable keys to having a full schedule.