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Eighths And Sixteenths – Snare Solo

This piece is designed to be used as sight reading practice and uses only combinations of quarter, eighth and sixteenth notes (and rests).

The Unmarch – Snare Drum Solo

This snare drum solo is in 7/8 odd-time, making it quite "un-march-able."

Rain Man – Snare Solo

Get down with your flams with this dynamic snare drum solo.

Three Twang – Snare Solo

Enjoy this snare drum solo in 3/4 time.

Roll It Out – Snare Drum Solo

As the title implies, this snare solo is all about the rolls.

Space-A-Diddle – Snare Drum Solo

Space out your paradiddles and double paradiddles with this uniquely 'rested' snare drum solo.

Six Ate Seven – Snare Drum Solo

Six Ate Seven mixes sections of 6/8 with a single bar of 7/8 and is based with the flam accent rudiment.

Too Much Left

This snare drum solo gives the left hand a workout. If you're left handed, reverse the sticking to give your weaker hand a workout.

Triplet This – Snare Solo

This piece will give you a workout with 16th note triplets and accents. We've provided audio play-alongs at varying speeds to make learning and practicing this piece easier.

Double Trouble – Snare Solo

This snare solo gives your double strokes a workout. Watch the sticking at measure 11 as the double stroke becomes inverted. Work out those doubles!

Go-four – Snare Solo

This snare drum solo gives your sixteenth-note and eighth-note patterns a workout with an emphasis on dynamics to bring this piece to life.

Calicchio – Snare Drum Solo – With Cymbal

Another piece by Tim Sawyer, this time with snare and cymbal.

Roll Call – Snare Drum Solo

Tim Sawyer's "Roll Call" snare drum solo.

Rothwell Town – Snare Drum Solo

A snare drum solo by Tim Sawyer

Flams 2

A flam exercise sheet to work out your flams. Incorporating sixteenth notes and 8th notes, these rhythms help to improve your flam skills but also sound great!