Fool in the Rain – Led Zeppelin – 6-Over-4 Beat


This multi-layered pattern is heard in the latter part of most of the verses and during the outro of the song. It features a 6-over-4 rhythm, led by six evenly spaced ride bell notes played over the four primary beats. An accented snare stroke marks the mid-point of the bar (beat 3) and the hi-hat with foot sounds on beats 2 and 4.

The pattern can be daunting at first glance, so it has been broken down into 5 steps to help you learn the counting, sticking, and coordination needed to play the groove.

Step 1: on your practice pad, play the first of every pair of eighth notes with the right hand while counting. Play the hands together on beat 3.

Step 2: replace all of the rests with ghost strokes with the left stick — except for the notes on either side of the half-time back beat (beat 3).

Step 3: move the pattern to the kit, playing the ride bell with the right hand and the snare with the left hand.

Step 5
: add the bass drum.


Step 6: add hi-hat-with-foot notes on beats 2 and 4 to complete the pattern (see first image).

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Check out Bonham’s isolated drum track below: