We Are – Karnivool


"We Are" is the lead single from progressive rock band Karnivool's third album, Asymmetry (2013).

The song features a cleverly composed floor tom and snare based groove, which can be quite disorienting. The two strong snare hits per bar can easily persuade the listener to feel the groove in a 3/4 meter, with the accented snare hits marking beats 2 and 3.

In fact, the song is entirely played in a 12/8 meter. The hand part comprises a nearly unbroken flow of eighth notes, played over the primary pulse (expressed with the bass drum and hi-hat-with-foot together).

In order to help you learn the groove efficiently and correctly, the pattern has been broken down into several simple steps.

Step 1: cycle the syncopated accent pattern below using alternating sticking.




Step 2: add strong accents where marked. Also, skip the note at the mid-point of the measure.



Step 3: move the right stick to the floor tom. This creates a 6-over-4 pulse between the floor tom and the feet part (see first image and player).

Note: make sure to play all non-accented notes relatively softly, at mezzo piano.

If you like this groove, let us know in the comments section of this post on Facebook and we will break down the wicked, stacker-led groove that begins at 2:25.

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Check out Steve Judd’s powerhouse performance in the clip below.