Simple, Head-turning Drum Fill


Learn an easy-to-play drum fill that sounds more difficult than it is.

If you can play 8th and 16th note triplets, you can nail this fill with just a little practice. The most difficult thing about playing it will most likely be getting used to playing triplets across two different drums.

Don’t let the two sounds throw you off. Focus on playing (and counting, at first) the triplets while you play. In no time, they’ll feel just like any other standard triplets. To the listener, however, the syncopated strokes (i.e. left hand strokes) make a really cool, syncopated drum fill that can be hard to figure out. Get ready to turn some heads … in a good way.

Want more sixteenth note triplet fills? Try out the triplet licks in Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple. Download and print today!

More details and sheet music sample.

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