Frequently Asked Questions

Once a purchase is made, you’ll be automatically redirected to your download links. You should also receive an email containing these download links. Sometimes email gets caught up in SPAM filters. We employ a professional email service and have nearly a 100% success rate with email delivery. If you created an account with us, your download links are stored on your Available Downloads page. If you have any issues, please contact us. We’re here to help.

Typo in Email Address A common reason for emails not being received is an email address entered with a typo during checkout. Please note that the emails are case-sensitive. Double-check that your email address is correct before purchasing or creating an account. If you suspect that there may have been a typo, please contact us so that we can make the change manually. We can also send the download links in a reply to your email.
You can reset your password on your My Account page. This will send an automated email with a reset link. Sometimes, automated email gets caught up in SPAM filters or other filters the email provider puts in place. If you don’t receive your email, please email us at support@onlinedrummer.com so that we can send a reset link manually.
On your printer’s options menu, select “fit,” “shrink to fit,” or similar (varies according to printer software). This will ensure that the sheet music prints within your printer’s printable margins and paper size.
This sometimes happens when opening with and printing from a web browser. To solve the problem, open the sheet music with the free Adobe Reader and print from there.
We offer a guest checkout feature when checking out. If you accidentally checked out as a guest, the order will not be associated with your account. To avoid this, be sure to login before checking out. A login form is available on the checkout page and in the main menu. If you've accidentally checked out as a guest, please contact us so that we can manually associate the order with your account. Including the email address you used at checkout (if different from the address you're mailing from) will help us to quickly identify the order.
When logging in, you can use either your username or email address along with your password. All of these fields are case-sensitive. For example, if when creating the account you typed "MyEmailAddress@", you will also have to type the same capital letters (i.e. M, E, A) when logging in. Otherwise, you'll receive an error message. Another reason you may not be able to login is if there was a typo when creating the account, such as an incorrect email address or username. If you're having trouble logging in, please contact us so that we can determine if there are typo or capitalization issues. We will make the changes manually so that you are able to login.
Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for specific songs. We add new sheet music regularly, so check back often to view the latest additions.
Our sheet music is delivered in PDF format. Many computers and devices are already able to open PDF files. Here’s a test PDF to see if your device already works. If not, you’ll need to install the free Adobe Reader. Note that they often have an optional offer for a free McAfee Security Scan that is selected by default on their page. If you do not want this scan, be sure to un-select it before clicking “Install Now” on their webpage.
Yes. Complete the order with your currency as you would any other time. PayPal or your financial institution (if using a credit card) performs the conversion to USD automatically. There are no extra steps needed.
If you choose to create an account, all of your purchases are stored on your Available Downloads page and can be downloaded again in the future, if needed. Temporary download links are displayed on screen immediately after a purchase, and an automated email including download links is sent, as well.