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  1. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    Dude, I'm very sorry and my statement wasn't meant to cause you any stress. You're a positive person, YT, losing a parent is never easy and when I lost my Dad, he too went in to hospital after an stressful complication with his MND and we thought he'd be out in a few days and he never returned............ I know how you feel, sending Bro-Hugs.
  2. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    I noticed that too..... I thought it was Carox Brilliant job Nate..... Did I miss out on YT this year?
  3. Hi All I recently decided to use some of my Pro-Mark 2B sticks instead of my regular, unflappable, Silverfox 2B's and found that the grip on the Pro-Mark (Oak) sticks wasn't there but was there on my Silverfox sticks, so I got the message that I was to use Silverfox that night and never lost a stick. Anyone else had similar experiences?
  4. Times change and people grow wiser................ or maybe not
  5. It came, It came. My custom snare drum is here

    Now that is a gorgeous snare drum!! I'm glad you went with 10 lugs, I was reading your other post and kept saying.... "10 Lugs!!! It must be 10 Lugs, 8 is not enough!!!" lol
  6. a topic with no topic

    How did it go? Also, how did your vacation to the Dominion Republic go?
  7. Having trouble practicing

    Hi Isaac Sometimes its a good ide to air-drum. By that I mean sit on your drum throne (turned 180 degrees) and air drum, that way you can help your body coordinate itself and you can loosen up those limbs. Hope that helps?
  8. You know you're a Real Drummer when ...

    You know you're a Real Drummer when ... ....... you bring your favourite snare into work so that a colleague (who is also a drummer) can drool over it
  9. Newbie

    Welcome to OLD, Daisy (had to put a comma there for more than literal reasons) No question is a stupid question on here and we are all of different styles and achievements so feel free to ask and you WILL be helped out with advice. This is a wonderful forum and great peeps frequent it, I personally haven't been round for a while but that's gonna change
  10. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    I will have something for you later, but I was unable to record at the gig last weeekend I'm gonna have to makeshift something, sorry Nate
  11. OLD's Christmas Video SIGNUP - 2017 - Get Involved!

    I'm happy to do I too if you want Nate?
  12. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    Sweet sweet sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet video, next year we will have to raise the bar even more, maybe get permission to use a song from an artist/band?
  13. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    Sent mine................. just................ I've just moved house and can't setup an acoustic or the e-kit as there is just no room. So I improvised with the first snare I could grab my hands on, a santa hat, and span around with a selfie video screaming and pulling a face my great skills of iphone wizardry
  14. Online Drummer Christmas Video

    I will get mine to you, most probably at the last minute................ as always