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  1. set list apps for drummers

    http://www.arlomedia.com/apps/setlistmaker/main/home.html http://www.bandhelper.com/ see if they help usually i jsut create a PDF with the songs on. i dont know anything that will help you create drum notation on the fly though short of a notation software
  2. Newbie

    hiya daisie, welcome to the site!
  3. Cool gift....

    love it!
  4. That's it, no more drumming for the rest of the year!!!

    happy new year! i spent my last day notating exercises, and then gigging it with one of my bands to a fullhouse
  5. 8 lugs vs 10 lugs - snare Drum

    looks mint! 10 lugs have the better tuning range as you can fine tune it better (IMO anyway), most of my snares are 10 luggers
  6. help with resonant snare heads sustain

    hey, if it aint broke, dont fix it! never had any complaints from any gigs or bands so far and ive yet to bust an aquarian resonant head, had a remo one once and it blew completely on me!
  7. You know you're a Real Drummer when ...

    ive yet to buy my first car, but if it cant fit my kit in it then im not getting it xD. i already have several models that i know fit my gear in fine, ones a skoda octavia (which is also a VW polo i think), and a ford transit connect 5 door. if i get the last one im getting a friend to help me modify the back with a multi-panel platform, felt and insulation
  8. OLD's Drumming Christmas Video

    i'll try and record something jsut gotta choose the tune
  9. that lauritson ride cymbal is really nice, very old school vibe!! fits perfectly with the kit!
  10. Rainy Day (Dave Weckl) drum cover!

    nice cover! and nice interpretation of the song! is that a series 8 drumcraft kit?
  11. Having trouble practicing

    hey isaac. welcome we all have bad days, ive had days where ive sat down, done about 40 seconds and jsut went "nope!" nd walked away. some days we jsut cant get ourselves in gear, and somedays we're on FIRE with our practice! if you have an off-day, jsut walk away, go do something else, then come back to it
  12. few uploads from my gigs

    hey all. finally got around to uploading some of the gigs i've played that i've livestreamed on my facebook from time to time. have a look, see what you think i do apoligise about about the sound quality due to some cymbals making the camera mic distort, it was hard to position the camera where it was out of the and getting a full video shot.
  13. Halloween !

    i just went as my usual self xD
  14. Mij tama rockstar dx .....the big set ..lol

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tama-Rockstar-DX-Bass-Drum-23-inch/322854089630?hash=item4b2b9a739e:g:iPIAAOSwbwJZ9jLD could get re-finished in wine red wrap

    whats your foot technique like? ive played a few 24" and even some 26", so your foot control has to be more precise and you have to work on it. also, do you have a port or not in the resonant head? as with a 24" you're moving a lot more air so need to control it. if you have a small video of the problem, i can see whats going on and how to advise. there is another option, not to bury the beater, let it come back off the head naturally. also, are you using single or double pedal?