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Zildjian A custom vs. Zildjian K custom

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I have been doing my research about what cymbals I am going to upgrade to and I have narrowed it down to Either A Customs or K Customs. I have no clue where to go from here.

I play hard rock-metal and I am looking for something that will go along with that.

I have listened to these cymbals on youtube and Zildjian.com and I just can't decide on which one is better. Money is not an issue.

Anything will be better than the Meinl HCS cymbals I have.

Thanks guys.

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Ok. I couldn't find out how to edit posts.

I have decided to go with the A customs after watching and researching some more. But I have come to yet another road block.

The choice now is between crash cymbals. I am set on sizes but what kind should I get. Fast crash? Projection crash? or the normal....crash.

Would it be smart to stick with one kind for my whole kit? or would it be smarter to shake it up with a few fast, a few normal, and a few projection?

I will be getting 4 crash cymbals all between the sizes of 15" and 19" Any advice ladys and gents?

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I have A Customs on my set as well.  I have an 18" Fast Crash and an 18" Medium Crash.  The contrast between the two really opens up the variety of sounds and combinations.  I also have two 16" crashes; thin crash and medium crash.  The main difference is the volume and the brightness (to a certain degree).

So, I think mixing it up would be a good idea.  However, when you are looking at the cymbals, I'd try them out in the store to see how they sound together.  Compare the sounds to see if that they don't conflict with eachother (for the lack of a better descrition). 

PS : There is a small icon on the bottom right corner that looks like a piece of paper with an eraser on it.  Click on that and you should be able to edit the post.  There also should be the same icon at the top right of your post that has the word "Modify" next to it.  click on that and you'll have more editing options.  If you have any questions, feel free to PM any of the Mod team.

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