Learning To Read Series

Learning To Read Series: Drum Notation

Learning To Read SeriesThis lesson series is an in-depth study of the basics of reading drum music. Though this series focuses on snare drum playing and reading, the basic rhythms examined provide the foundation for reading drum beats, drum fills, dynamics and more.

1. Quarter Notes & Quarter Rests

2. Eighth Notes

3. Eighth Rests

4. Sixteenth Notes

5. Sixteenth Rests

6. Eighth Notes Connected To Sixteenth Notes

7. Playing In The 3/4 Time Signature

8. Dotted Halves & Dotted Quarter Notes

9. Dotted Eighth Notes

10. Dynamics (piano, forte, crescendo and descrescendo)

11. Eighth Note Triplets

12. The Buzz Roll

13. 5-Stroke Roll

14. 9-Stroke Roll

15. Sixteenth-Note Triplets

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Learning To Read Series

To further develop your skills, my Beginning Workbook For Snare Drum is designed to give you further practice through playing exercises, solos, worksheets and check-ups with answer keys included.

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Learning To Read SeriesAre you ready for drum set playing? This free learning guide guides you through all the basics of drum set playing, including setup, best-practices, drum beat techniques, drum fills, improvisational techniques and more.

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