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Drum sheet music is an excellent resource for learning to play songs. Music notation for drums is somewhat unique because the drums are what's called "unpitched" percussion. Whereas the notes for pitched instruments correspond to a note letter, such as a C, D, or F, notes in drum sheet music represent specific parts of the drum set (e.g. snare, cymbal, hi-hat, etc.). For a long time, music publishers considered drum sheet music to be undesirable to drummers, believing that a drum part needed to reflect only the general feel of the song and provided only a basic supportive role. Therefore, the creation of note-for-note drum sheet music was neglected. However, drummers really are interested in learning to play like their favorite drummers and reproducing the classic drum parts of the past and today. Studying other drummers' styles and techniques is one of the best ways to develop as a drummer. OnlineDrummer provides instant access to note-for-note drum sheet music for hundreds of songs, and we continue to add to our collection. You can view our full catalog here. You can also learn more about drum notation here.